Writer’s Corner Ministry of the Month, Deborah Ross Ministries (3/17)

ross4DCL Ministries is very excited to feature the author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Deborah Ross, co-founder of Deborah Ross Ministries. Deborah Ross is a powerful woman of God, and while in her obedience to Him was compelling to place all things, not of Him, in the past in order to move into her God-given future. The struggles Deborah Ross has endured is why she has such a heart for families, while delivering God’s word to the brokenhearted and those who are weary in well-doing. Join me, for the month of March, as we celebrate what Deborah Ross is accomplishing for God’s Kingdom and what she has yet to do. DCL Ministries had the honor of having Deborah Ross on our weekly Christian radio show titled, Dovetales. To here her extraordinary Dovetale click here.

ross-2Speaker and Author, Deborah Ross, is on a mission to Strengthen Families, Encourage Faith and Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Her themed message is, “God Wants Your Family Whole!”

Before founding Deborah Ross Ministries in 2007, Deborah Ross enjoyed twenty years of business ownership as the artistic director of three dance and modeling studios. She has cultivated numerous protégé’s who now work professionally around the world as dancers, choreographers, models and actors.

In 1999, God called Deborah to leave her twenty-year dance studio career behind to follow after His calling.  The specifics were unknown to her at the time. Deborah tells her story of how – by faith – she obeyed amidst many trials and much heartache.

Deborah Ross has authored many books.  Her first published manuscript imprinted by Charisma (Creation House) is titled, Healing a Broken Marriage.  It is a powerful teaching testimonial of how God turned her upside-down marriage of 18 years right-side-up through the miraculous power of salvation, deliverance and forgiveness.  She has been told that her book is a MUST READ for every married couple… even those who have a great marriage!  In addition, Deborah has pre-released a classroom Bible study kit called, Save It! Marriage Bible Study.  This kit includes workbooks, CD’s, complete teacher’s notes, student’s workbook, and more.  This study has led multitudes into a true relationship with Christ and helped to heal and restore innumerable dysfunctional or broken homes.

ross6Her newest work was released July 2016 by Xulon Press titled, Woman2Woman: The Naomi & Ruth Experience.  This book is a mentorship Bible study program.  The material in this study helps one mature Christian woman mentor someone who has been abandoned, abused, addicted, living a life of sin, or even, in prisoned.  But really, this study can be used to mentor “any” woman who is new to the faith so that she can grow into a mature Christian – according to God’s Word!

The teachings of Deborah Ross cross denominational and ethnic borders as she shares the love of God and the benefits of salvation through Jesus Christ. Deborah ministers the gospel in prisons, in churches, through addiction recovery ministries, marriage seminars, Bible study groups, on foreign mission fields, by television and radio, at conferences, via the Internet, in magazines and through her books and CD’s.

Deborah’s new Choose Life! and Choose Life Today! Radio Shows can be heard across the nation.  Choose Life! (15 minute weekly Bible teaching) and Choose Life Today! (one-minute daily devotionals) empower listeners to “live in the blessing.”

Deborah Ross resides in Charlotte, NC, with her husband, Jay – since 1984. They have two young adult sons, Preston and Garrett.  Jay and Deborah Ross have been featured on The CBN 700 Club in an interview segment called, “Can Infidelity be Forgiven?”  Jay and Deborah are members of the First Baptist Church of Indian Trail under the leadership of Dr. Mike Whitson where Jay has served as deacon for multiple terms.  The Ross’s also enjoy ministering together in prisons, addiction ministries, marriage retreats and in day-to-day living.  Jay is a real estate agent by trade with a passion to fund the Kingdom and win souls to Christ.

Deborah Ross is also a passionate worship singer and professional dance choreographer for the Kingdom of God.

Deborah Ross Ministries, Inc. is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization since 2010 with outreach ministries under the banners of Save It Marriage Ministry, Woman2Woman Ministry and Choose Life Radio & Television Ministry.  The newly revised DRM mission statement is:  Transforming Lives. Healing Hearts, Minds and Marriages with The Word.

To find out more about Deborah Ross click here.

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