The Calming of the Storm…

When I was younger I hated when it snowed. Correction, I enjoyed having a day off of school, but I disliked how messy life seemed to get directly after. The white perfect snow, midday, was eventually thrusted and clumped-up on the driveway due to trucks plowing the streets. This manna which had fallen from the skies now lay on the ground, slowly turning various shades of grey into black and than filthy black–for our viewing pleasure.

Life can sometimes alter the way we view things, but now that I am older and I have made my way through the trials and tribulations of my life, snow has morphed into something wonderful and not so tragic. Snow is no longer grey, black, or a disruption of my plans, because I now see God’s plan in it all. It is bizarre that I see it so much more clearly now that I’m older.

Provide me a moment to explain. You see most days humanity wakes up and it’s their schedules which end up dictating their day. The commitments made in advance seem to frame every moment of our day, many times consuming all of our time. The endless meetings and the occasional lunches all bunched in together. However, at the end of the day we grumble when forced to realize that these sequence of events which we endure daily has become known to us as “our life.” It is only on a “snow day” that God can, like a GPS giving you directions, recalculate your route sending you into a day of reclaiming your life and perhaps reclaiming yourself. Yes, the snowflakes coming from the sky is no longer a distraction, but an opportunity to get back on track with your purpose and your destiny.

As I sit and watch the snow come down, I feel very comforted. I know God is allowing me a break from the hustle and bustle of my daily commitments and  with the storm He is reminding me about, ME. So, as you nestle into your snow day today, sip your hot chocolate, or watch your favorite movie  I would like to encourage you to also center yourself on why you are here and what you were really created to accomplish in this world. Let today’s interruption of your life start you on a journey toward your storybook ending, through the calming of this storm…

DCL Ministries

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