The Women God Used

If you didn’t know it , God used all types of women in the Bible. However, it was only when they turned to Him, the God who had been there for them from the beginning that their lives began to make sense and take shape. The Maker of the heavens and earth vowed to love, cherish, protect and be a refuge since the Garden of Eden, something I think humanity has forgotten. How did we get so far away from that unconditional love that has led us to where we are today?

Sadly, the distance was created by our disobedience and when sin entered the world, through Adam and Eve, it changed everything. The world ushered in a different kind of woman, but we must understand that the promises of God didn’t change, but humanity changed and now the virtuous woman needed more tools in her toolbox when navigating this fallen and complicated existence.

Join me as I celebrate women. All women. All nationalities, shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and color. There is a way for all God’s people to not only overcome, but to thrive. Will you submit to the process? Can you throw your hands up and finally admit that you don’t know what you’re doing and need help from the One who died on the cross for you? That is what I had to do to find God and I continue to do just that when choosing to keep Him. I love who God is in my life. My friend, my sounding board, my teacher and comforter…

Here me when I say, He is my God and I am His people.

So, celebrate  and discover through this book how God used complex and complicated women. Join this wonderful and inspiring movement of God’s creation and allow yourself to become a woman that God can surely use.

Deborah Lassiter

DCL Ministries