Writer’s Corner Ministry of the Month, Deborah Ross Ministries (3/17)

DCL Ministries is very excited to feature the author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Deborah Ross, co-founder of Deborah Ross Ministries. Deborah Ross is a powerful woman of God, and while in her obedience to Him was compelling to place all things, not of Him, in the past in order to move into her God-given future….

Deborah Lassiter Live on Nite Line -WGGS TV 16 Dovebroadcasting

I had such an amazing time as I visited Greenville, SC. This beautiful quaint town was relaxing and restful as I encountered so many God-fearing individuals on fire for God. From my taxi driver Brenda who drove me in style to my hotel, to my yellow cab driver named Abraham who most certainly lived up…