Dovetales Welcomes Director of All Things New Ministry Debora Barr

Dovetales, Dovetales, Dovetales is on thee move and is back this Sunday, March 17, 2019 with Deborah Barr: preacher, teacher, speaker, and author who writes about her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Debora is passionate as she dedicates her lifes work to directing those that struggle with Same-Sex Attraction how to embrace the unconditional love and healing power of Christ.

Today, Debora Barr serves as the Director of the All Things New Ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Maryland where she helps people who experience Same-Sex attraction (SSA) and sexual brokenness understand the causes and healing of SSA by searching the Word of God.  The ministry was born out of Debora’s transition out of nearly two decades of homosexuality through the love and support of a women’s Bible Study group and the leadership of a church that was not willing to compromise their convictions while they continued to embrace and welcome her through the love of God while God worked in her life.

Debora is in the process of getting her Master of Divinity as she heelps families, frieends, pastors and ministry leaders understand homosexuality while empowering them to minister to others with SSA.

To join us while we unpack heer tremendous testimony go to

DCL Ministries

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