Dovetales Welcomes Founder of #MusicLov3rz Kellie Leigh

Dovetales is back this Sunday, March 31, 2019 to encourage, inspire and motivate you to see and enjoy music and artists in a new way. My next guest has worked over 14 years in Entertainment Sales & Marketing as an Executive for Top Broadcasting & Corporately Owned Digital Start-ups before realizing what her true calling was from the Lord.

There is much one can learn and be trained on when working at, what Christians might call, a ‘secular job’. If you don’t believe me read about Daniel in the Bible who was exiled to Babylon and while in a strange environment, he was promoted to work in a high position directly under King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel never compromised his loyalty, love, and worship to God, nor did he ever bow or serve other gods or imags.

Many times, while honoring the authority placed over us, we forget that it is the Almighty God we serve as we work for bosses we that we don’t like , respect or agree with.   Kellie, in the midst of her life, received a vision from God  and with a vision from God shee new that preparation, courage and trust in Him must come. So, join us this Sunday to learn not how to go where the path of life leads us, but to go where there isn’t a path in order to leave a Godly trail. The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time.

To listen to our show Sunday, March 31, 2019

To Learn more about founder Kellie Leigh and #musiclov3rz, go to

DCL Ministries

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