Dovetales Welcomes Ordained Minister and Host of Dominion Today Tommie Norman

Dovetales is back this Sunday, March 10, 2019 as we interview Tommie Norman, a woman of God whose been in ministry for over 25 years; featured in Huffington Post, Rejoice Essential Magazine and Master Storyteeller. Tommie is also the host of Dominion Today, and international program which airs LIVE Monday through Thursday on Periscope.TV and YouTube. This wife and mother of 3 children is the founder of Tommie Norman Ministries as she seeks to spread the Gospel through the power of the Holy spirit.  So many today think that pastoring God’s flock is easy, but as the congregation holds pastor’s accountable I must ask where is there a safe place for those called to lay their head? The call on one’s life to hav a Kingdom-minded ministry is most certainly not for the light-hearted. Those that take their call to serve His Holy name, take thier call, committment and covenant with our God seriously. But make no mistake they have already weighed the cost. The path for pastor’s is not always paved with lights, camera and red carpet events to the Dove Awards. Many times it is spent in prayer, preaching, teaching, fasting as they battle the devil, health issues, family struggles, disappointments, doubts and failure. I am pleased to have Tommie Norman on Dovetales, because she believes if the power of God and God has only asked that we love and believe in Him so we can stand back and witness the Salvation of the Lord.

To tune into our program sunday, March 10, 2019 go to

Curious About Tommie Norman?

Tommie Norman is an ordained minister and founder of Tommie Norman Ministries. She is the host of Dominion Today, which airs LIVE Monday through Thurday on Periscope.TV and TouTube, to an international audience that has grown to thousands of followeers since its debut 3 years ago.

Tommie is a Spirit filled minister with the Gospel and one who believes in the power of God to save and deliver, as well as physically heal anyone who will by faith, receive it. She is known especially for sharing the message that healing is God’s will for all, and available for everyone. She herself has been healed of an autoimmune disease which she had for many , many years.

Tommiee is married to Robert, her husband of 36 years and they reside in southern Michigan.

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