Dovetales Welcomes Strategy Coach, Singer, and Entrepreneur Candra Oakes Niswanger

Dovetales is back to share another tremendous testimony with our listeners this Sunday, March 3, 2019. One of my favorite scriptures is, “Whether you go right or left you will hear a voice behind you saying: this is the way, walk in it” Isaiah 30:21. So many times in life I have been found with my fist in the air screaming at God begging Him to tell me what to do and where to go. My next guest singer, songwriter and author of, The Blessing in the Secret Place is quite aware of the crossroads and struggles of life. But, it’s her relationship with thee Holy Spirit that teach, mold and prune her being and guide her choices. She has matured in the quieet place with Christ so that she could navigate the dark in the world. As a strategy coach her longing is to help others walk in freedom, refreshed and empowered through an intimate relationship with our loving God as they live their best lives. Join us as Candra Oakes Niswangr allows us to peek at the trials that have taken her from pain to peace to victory. The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time.

To join us Sunday, March 3, 2019 go to www.

Candra Oakes Niswanger is a mutifaceted artist whose skillset in multi-tasking and time management allow her the ability to not only be a singer, songwriter, anointed worship leader and author, but also to own a successful financial practice while managing her various companies with her husband Trevor. She is the proud mother of three amazing adult children and delights in traveling and ministering to others as a guest worship leader, speaker and small business consultant.

Candra’s passion in everything is to see people become moved by the Holy Spirit, loving God while living their best lives.

DCL Ministries

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