Dovetales Welcomes Pianist, Composer, Producer and Music Director Kayla Waters

Dovetales is delighted to inspire you Sunday, February 10, 2019 with the sensational new, classically trained pianist, composer, producer and director of music the lovely Kayla Waters. There is something about music that moves me; moves us all on a deeper level. It possess the ability to bring back memories, liven up a party, accompany a family on a long road trip, or simply calm the fears of those in need of hope while lifting the human spirit. I am reminded of King Saul in the Bible tormented by an evil spirit and it is music; more specifically the soon to be King David playing the harp that calms the beast within. God’s anointed has a way of transferring the power of God to bring any devil, stronghold, mountain or Goliath under the submission and the authority of Jesus Christ. In my experience there are very few musicians who possess the ability to prepare the spirit for the presence of God, because when done properly it is in His presence that change, healing, direction and Joy can be ours. And, it has been said when Kayla Waters plays music you can feel His presence through her music very loud and clear. The fun starts 2:30 pm eastern time. To God be the Glory.

To Tune into our show Sunday, February 10, 2019, click here.

The Multi-talented Kayla Waters

Sensational new artist, Kayla Waters is an elite pianist, composer, producer and music director. After landing a record deal with Trippin N’ Rhythm Records (SONY), Kayla gracefully returns with her second consecutive Billboard No. 1 single “Zephyr” from her sophomore album “Coevolve” that released in October. Last year, Kayla’s debut single “I Am” from her first record “Apogee” soared upward and hit #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart just 10 weeks after its debut. After a very successful breakout year, both Kayla’s debut single and album charted on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Songs and Albums of the Year. Kayla has eloquently found herself welcoming and utilizing  a plethora of opportunities to play and work with musical legends, music directors and major recording artists worldwide. This distinctive list includes musical giants such as Stevie Wonder, Patrice Rushen, Avery*Sunshine, Maysa Leak, Kim Burse and Ray Chew to name a few. This past year, Kayla exploded on the music scene, gracing renowned stages across the country including the Derby City Jazz Festival, Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, Baltimore County African American Jazz Festival and the Catalina Island Jazz Festival. Kayla’s gifts also garnered her national recognition on the BET television network’s highly acclaimed “Black Girls Rock” awards show. Kayla expertly played keyboards for the legendary Gladys Knight, Marsha Ambrosius, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Imani Uzuri. She was also a featured performing artist at the first annual Fender Rhodes Fest in Los Angeles, California along with a host of stellar music contemporaries. 

Kayla, a classically trained child who grew up in a jazz household, is no stranger to the music world. Her parents observed the musical proclivities in their child from as early as 10-months old, when baby Kayla regularly found her way into the family living room and began “playing” the family’s Brentwood acoustic piano.  Her parents enrolled her in piano lessons at the age of six. Since that pivotal moment, she instantly fell in love and began to master her musical gifts with excellence. As the daughter of Kim Waters, international smooth jazz icon, Kayla closely observed the inner workings and processes of the music industry. While watching his career unfold, she soon became inspired to pursue a career as a solo jazz pianist. In addition to being featured on several of her father’s albums, she has performed with him at renowned concerts and jazz festivals worldwide. Collectively, these experiences nurtured her inner artistry, and served as critical preparation for Kayla’s evolution as an emerging arranger, composer and songwriter. 

As a graduate of Howard University, where she obtained a Bachelor Music Degree in Piano Performance (Summa Cum Laude), Kayla gives extensive credit to this institution for her success as a budding recording artist. She is also a member of the Grammy Recording Academy in Washington, DC and the Associate Music Director at Grace Brethren Church in Clinton, MD. Kayla continuously acknowledges that God is at the forefront of everything she does. It is He who orchestrates her steps and for this she is eternally grateful.




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