Dovetales Celebrates How to Discover Your God-Given Gifts!

Dovetales is back this Sunday, October 21, 2018 to talk about gifts as it pertains to the Body Of Christ. Perhaps, you have said YES to the gift of Salvation, and now you’re ready to get to work. What is next? One has the Gift of Salvation, but what about all the other gifts we possess in order to glorify our Lord and Savior? Have you ever questioned why you feel, think or gravitate toward certain behaviors? Perhaps you are a Perceiver ( the eyes of the body), a Server ( the hands of the body). Maybe you have found that you are a Teacher which is the mind of the body or the Exhorter which is the mouth of the body. Are you a Giver extending your reach of strength spiritually to all that you encounter? Or, do you find yourself carrying the load of leadership as the Administrator ( shoulders) of the body. Christ had all the gifts especially the gift of Compassion which is the heart of the body. Please join me as I discuss a wonderful book by Don & Katie Fortune titled, “Discover Your God-Given Gifts,”because contrary to popular belief we were all made to SHINE,SHINE,SHINE as we also work TOGETHER,TOGETHER,TOGETHER for His Glory! The fun starts at 2:30pm eastern time.

To tune into our program go to

DCL Ministries

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