Dovetales Continues Series on Separation and Divorce…Is Faith or Fear Dictating Your Choices?

Dovetales is back this Sunday, October 28, 2018 continuing our Separation and Divorce Series. I share this series with my lovely co-host, author Rachel Kidder. Her book “Healing Grace Scripture Journal” is a 30 Day Bible Study for emotional healing and it is our free giveaway for this series. There is so much emotional pain when one is ripped from their spouse and then expected to still function, smile, interact, parent, work and pay bills. Sometimes we must admit that we need help– from where and whom? Is “Faith or Fear Dictating Your Choices?” Well, that is our question as we unpack why millions are still struggling financially in order to mask the pain by frivolously spending money they( we) don’t have in order to live a life they(we) cannot afford. Are we trying to keep up with The Jones’s by displaying “Benjamin’s” to our children, friends and family rather than heal with God? My friends, sometimes passing down the Blessing of Jesus from generation to generation doesn’t mean buying the latest Nike kicks, iPhone, flat-screen TV, trip to Europe or breast implants upon graduating high school. Sometimes quality time, a hug, helping with homework and being present at soccer and lacrosse games will do just fine. I am learning that God is our Rock, Deliverer, Restorer , Redeemer and PROVIDER.So join Rachel Kidder and I, 2:30 pm eastern time and let the healing begin.

If you are interested in joining us, click here.

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