Dovetales Welcomes Author and Overcomer Rebecca J. Wetzler

Dovetales is back again for those of you enjoying all the tales and testimony’s of my courageous guest’s on our weekly broadcast. This Sunday, August 19, 2018 join me as I unpack the journey of California native, now living in Alaska, the lovely overcomer Rebecca J. Wetzler. Rebecca’s first book, Bread Box for the Broken is an inspiration providing hope for those in the eye of the storm. I am reminded that as believer’s we do not live or survive on bread alone, but by every word that preceedeth from the mouth of the Lord. Rebecca admits as her life progressed it was not always the change in her circumstances which brought peace. But, it was during the circumstances and trials of this crazy world that her “faith” in those circumstances which gave her a steady spiritual regrounding in order to weather the drama and uncertainties of “real life.” Sometimes what we gain is not the Mercedes, the job promotion, nor desired hand-over-fist cash flow to resolve our woes. But, what we do gain are the lesson’s, the Fruit of the Spirit, and the joy of Spiritual disciplines along with the true spiritual formation’s equipping us when pressing onward. So, please carve out some time to join us while interviewing this wonderful woman of God, Rebecca J. Wetzler. The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time.

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A NOTE from the Author, Rebecca J. Wetzler

I am originally a California girl, but have lived in Alaska since I was eight years old.  The oldest of five children, I was often needed in the surrogate mother role; therefore, I matured quickly. From early in life I was an avid reader, and subsequently developed an interest in someday writing my own books. My favorite school subject was English writing assignments. After an unwanted divorce, to support my two children, I completed an accounting degree, towing my interest in writing along by minoring in English. My successful career included advancing from an accounts payable clerk to a financial analyst­—a far cry from the Christian author of my heartfelt dreams.

I have been a believer from my earliest memories as a small child in Sunday School asking Jesus into my heart. As my life progressed, I have realized my faith gives me a steady spiritual regrounding to weather the drama of real life, and I want to share the spiritual truths with others so they may also follow God’s light past the world’s darkness.  Bread Box for the Broken is my first book, and I have ideas for more devotionals, some Bible studies, maybe Christian romance fiction with mystery and suspense.  It is important for me to share that faith in Christ is my foundation for challenging and purposefully overcoming life-long struggles with loneliness, self-esteem, depression, chronic pain from migraines and a permanently injured neck, and finally unexplained heart failure. Forced to early retire, I really don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds my future. 

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