What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience on the Christian Show Dovetales

Talking to Deborah on her radio show Dovetales, was a truly blessed experience. It brought up my journey of past hurts, healing and forgiveness. I went on the show completely open minded and unscripted with what I was going to say. As the conversation progressed, I felt led to share my testimony of how far God has brought me and my new-found direction as a child of God.

Deborah was great; she really made me feel comfortable and open to speak freely and as such I felt the Holy Spirit throughout the whole interview. As a person, Deborah is woman of God whom I admire on all levels. She has a way with words that cause you to recognize God is in everything that we do, and is always there patiently taking care. After the interview, I felt closer to God.

I would recommend everyone to listen to Dovetales, every interview is a blessing to hear and a lesson to be learned

Author, Rebecca Morgan

DCL Ministries

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