Dovetales Welcomes Author, Toastmaster Speaker, Onyx King

Dovetales is back my friends, this Sunday, August 12, 2018 as we welcome an extraordinary testimony from a woman who was incarcerated for 22 years in Federal prison for conspiracy, due to a drug dealing ex-husband. My guest, author ( 8 books) and motivational speaker( Toastmaster International) Onyx King is beginning her life again, and Dovetales listeners are all ears! Folks, none of us can help the parents we were born to, the siblings we have, nor the troubles we possess, BUT the benefit of Salvation is we can be BORN AGAIN! You don’t have to remain in fear, bondage, doubt, discord, hatred, negative thinking or low self-esteem. Why? Because you have a choice, just like my special guest Onyx King did. Life is about the choices we make with what knowledge and experience we have resulting in the consequences that happen. Therefore, what are you basing your choices on? Who are you running to when choosing to go right or left? Many are seeking answers from people that only God can give. So, join me as I unpack the tremendous Christian journey of a woman who has made a new choice possessing the grace and courage of living with it.

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A bit about our guest, Onyx King

A national #1 best selling author  (The Girl That Glows-a biography) Onyx is a motivational speaker and an Advanced Communicator Bronze with (Toastmasters International). Onyx, born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI,currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. She is beginning life again at the age of 48 after serving 22 years in Federal prison for conspiracy, due  to a drug dealing ex-husband. While incarcerated, Onyx was employed in the education department as a teacher. She taught GED courses in both English and Spanish and English as a second language. She is the mother of three children and seven grandchildren. She enjoys reading, writing  listening to music and singing in the choir. Onyx has published 8 books to date

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