Dovetales Welcomes Author, Leadership Coach, and founder of Divine Empowerment Darlene Brown

#Dovetales is back this Sunday, August 5, 2018 with author, professional speaker, certified #personal #development and leadership #coach as well as an expert in #business, technology and finance. This wonderful woman of God is here to share her 30 plus years of #experience in these areas along with what Christ has taught her about herself. Folks, I am a firm believer that God never releases anyone into a ministry to influence or teach others without training them first. 2nd Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of truth.” Sadly, many have studied, but they are not approved by #God nor do they rightly divide the Word of truth. God is the one who approves, promotes, and positions–not man. So, join us as my special guest Darlene Brown opens up her heart and giving us all hope while courageously sharing her trials, fears, doubts and triumphs. I am so pleased to unpack the life of a woman who knows how to walk in her divine purpose as one who serves #Jesus Christ while seeking to empower and guide others toward #fulfilling their #divine #destiny. We are here to impart what we know to others. So join us, the fun starts at 2:30 pm eastern time.

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A bit about guest Darlene Brown…

Author, professional speaker, certified personal development coach, business leadership coach, certified training facilitator and business technology and finance expert. These skills, capabilities and expertise are a summation of Darlene Brown’s 30 plus years of professional experience. Through her work, Darlene walks in her divine purpose as a servant and leader who empowers and guides others toward fulfilling their divine destiny.

In 2007, she founded Divine Empowerment, which provides personal development and leadership coaching, public speaking and professional training to individuals, education /academic, small business and corporate clients. Through her coaching curriculum she provides successful methodologies on harnessing and implementing your personal power thru healing and transformation.

Darlene has delivered dynamic speeches to diverse audiences throughout the country on a range of topics including accountability, healing, transformation, strategic planning and leadership. Her speaking engagements span across private, public, nonprofit and academic sectors, including institutions of higher learning, places of worship, community-based organizations, conferences, workshops and corporate events.

Her published articles on health and business leadership have been featured in Today’s Black Woman, Prince George’s Suite Magazine and The Evolution online publication. In the book, “Head Ladies in Charge” (HLIC), available on Amazon, Darlene candidly shares her personal trials and triumphs during the early stages of her life. In her 2001 self-published spoken-word debut CD, “Love Sick Lessons”, she shares the pain of a divorce and reassembling the pieces of her life. In her soon-to-be (2018) first solo book, she hopes to inspire readers by sharing the details of her transition to true freedom through the application of self-forgiveness.

She has earned numerous honors such as the 2013 Black Wall Street Harlem “The Joe Mann Black Capital Award”; the 2015 “Outstanding Women’s Award” from Play Time is Over; the 2015 “Metro Phenomenal Women’s Award”, 2015 Best Speakers Award, and the 2017 Community Involvement Award from DC Nitelife and the 2018 Bold Beautiful & Brave Unbreakable Spirit Award.

Her community service work has been accomplished as a former advisory Board Member of the ‘Diverse Male Student Institute’ (DMSI) and a founding board member of the Prince George’s Community College ‘Women of Wisdom’ program. She is a former committee member for the Women’s Legislative Council for Prince George’s County, former advisory board member for Women of Prince George’s County and the Global Women Peace Foundation; a life-time member of the Power Networking Conference strategic planning committee, and Director of Communications and Philanthropy for the Family Justice Center Foundation in Prince George’s County.

Darlene earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and received a Leadership Certificate (2013) from the Leadership Institute at Prince George’s Community College. She is certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and in the Yale Curriculum – ‘Coping with Work and Family Stress: A Workplace Preventive Intervention’; Stephen Covey’s – ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ and Tracom Social Styles, an Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Leadership training module.

Contact Darlene at: or 301-375-0465.

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