DCL Ministries Sunday Devotional with Putting On The New Magazine- Are You In Need of Direction?

Happy Sunday to you all. It is a wonderful day for change, laughter, and new memories. The Christian walk is a humbling walk, but I’m not alone in my journey, trials, tears and triumphs, because I team up every 4th Sunday with such an amazing group of women who share what God has placed in their heart too. I am talking about the online magazine, Putting On the New,  with mixed-media artist and author Cherie Burbach. It is about serving God, but doing it together–no matter how far apart we are.

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Enjoy this article: Are You In Need of Direction?

Sometimes you just need to ask for directions. Personally, when I’m on a road trip and find that I’m unfamiliar with where I’m going I normally designate my passenger to take the directions and help me navigate as I drive. Today, there isn’t a person ( that I know of) driving around without a GPS, but like every other man-made object it has the tendency of malfunctioning only to lead me the wrong way resulting in these faithful words, ” re-calculating route, recalculating route!” Those of you who have experienced this know exactly what I mean. To say the least, it’s not a pleasant feeling being lost and looking for directions one can trust in. In many ways, one can apply this same concept to their spiritual life. Meaning, as one drives their machine, their human body daily, we are in need of Christ, the One passenger with the right directions telling us where we should go and how we can arrive safely to our destination. Unlike the GPS, Christ will never malfunction and though it might appear that the one driving might be going the wrong way,we learn as a believer that the unknown with Christ is better than the knowledge we possess independent from Him. The irony is, the unfamiliarity of the Christian journey is designed to trust ourselves only when led by Him, because He is all-knowing.

So, one day I was fasting and seeking direction from the Lord; desperately wanting His mighty hand to shove me in the right direction. Spiritual uncertainty is not a bad thing, but after so many heartache’s and headache’s you learn to not make a move unless you hear the whispers of God– first. It was then that this scripture came to me, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, “This is the way; walk in it” Isaiah 30:21.

Initially, I felt such relief but then I realized that I was right back where I had started–confused. I heard Holy Spirit say, read the text again. My daughter the Lord will bless you if you turn right or left, just choose what you want and DO IT! Gosh, easier said than done because every choice has a consequence–good or bad. I then asked Holy Spirit, ” Why won’t you go ahead of me, why will I hear you behind me telling me which way to go?” I sat as tears came to my eyes, for in moments like these you just want the answer and not always the lesson or riddle in the underbelly of the scripture. Holy Spirit said in the Old Testament God went ahead of the Israelite’s by day in the form of a cloud; by night in the form of fire. The Lord does this for those who do not know Him or those not yet familiar with His voice. The Lord was revealing himself therefore, He held their hand , as a good Father should; always ahead of them while leading, reassuring, guiding, protecting, feeding, and training them while in the wilderness. But, those who’ve already eaten the manna of God and have committed to a personal relationship with Him already know His voice therefore, He will not always walk ahead of them, but behind them. You see, walking in front takes less work on the believer, and at times ritualistic behavior sets in and many believer’s will follow Christ’s lead on auto-pilot; never understanding, perceiving, or checking in on a heart level–just following. But, the one who knows God’s voice intimately He will instruct from behind strengthening and building their faith and trust in He who knows all things and can do all things! An experienced believer need not always see Him, but His sheep will surely recognize His voice…

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