What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience on the Christian Radio Show Dovetales

When God speaks, we must not only listen but answer. Deborah Lassiter definitely answered that call in creating an ambiance where testimonies can be shared and many can come to be nourished through scripture, prayer and pure fellowship.  I appeared on the show in order to nourish others, but it was Deborah whom nourished me in more ways than one.  As an emerging author, I’ve had my fair share of appearing on radio shows. However, my time on Dovetales Radio show was by far the best because Deborah had a way of making me feel right at home. Her casual demeanor allowed me to speak freely and from the heart. It was so easy going, and free flowing that time just seem to have flown by. The tone and pace of the show created a level of comfort that allowed me to revel in my spiritual truths.  It was definitely a revitalizing  experience that makes you appreciate transparency that much more.

DCL Ministries

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