What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience on the Christian Show Dovetales

Dovetales is a beautiful show that is completely led by the Spirit of God. The deep sacrificial love of Jesus that is brought through and displayed so beautifully! I felt safe in opening up my heart and telling my story of God’s unfailing love of redemption in going back to the most dark hidden places with His love that cannot be denied! Deborah is someone who cares so deeply. Her heart is so kind and tender. The more we talked the more we became real and authentic with each other that built an everlasting relationship. Through it all she brought comfort, prayers, encouragement and showed a genuine love and I am blessed to call her my friend. Her gift in discernment and faith expressed in love was evident through the Holy Spirit. She continually poured her heart out into me as I poured out my life. I will never forget her and what the Lord has done. I am so grateful to God for shinning His light through her to be able to show His great love and amazing grace. I was honored to be invited back to share the wonderful things God has done, even while going through difficult times. A shattered life where God placed a desire in my heart to see others break free as was done for me! A show in God alone brought through a beautiful host that radiates the love of Jesus. It brought me even more confidence to speak up and not be afraid of the calling that God has placed on my life! Let us keep sharing our Dovetales and breathe a hope back into others’ lives!

Author, Dawn Mann

DCL Ministries

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