Dovetales Welcomes Robert and Katherine Diaz- Making the Dream Work with Team Work!

Dovetales is back this Sunday, July 22, 2018 with my very first guest EVER joining us on Dovetales. The wonderful man of God Robert Diaz ( better known as Robby Newborn in Christian Hip-Hop circles) is joining us in order to share with our listeners another layer of his tremendous Dovetale. After a life on the streets, nestled in addiction and at one point being homeless he sought help from Teen Challenge. With several Master Degree’s in Counselling and a new identity in Christ, he joins us this time with his equally matched multi-talented and beautiful wife Katherine Diaz. Sometimes we must give up the “I” for “us”. So, join us as we discuss the balance it takes to keep God in the center of one’s faith-filled, Christ-centered marriage. There surely is a rhythm it takes as each compromise, pray, while loving one-another under the guidance of His governing when moving toward ministry and bringing “Wholeness to the Hopeless.” Harmony of Purpose, sacrifice, and service seem to be the active ingredients when pursuing destiny and finding purpose, because in order to make the dream work we must make the team work. Join us 2:30 pm eastern time and let the healing begin!

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The Back Story on Robby and Kathy Diaz

We met on June 21, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland at a Baltimore Teen Challenge event called IMPACT Baltimore.  The community outreach was held at Ellwood Park. Robby was invited to minister through Christian Hip Hop by Juan Delgado (the Best Man). Pastor Eli Hernandez (the Officiate) invited Kathy to support the outreach. Originally Kathy did not plan to go because she wanted to work on her dissertation, but she said she will show up for one hour only -and she did. During that one hour Robby introduced himself to Kathy. After Kathy learned that Robby did Christian Hip Hop she asked him for his contact info because at the time she was the advisor for a Christian Student Organization at Morgan State and thought he could come down to minister at one of their programs. After the first couple of conversations sparks flew and on August 31, 2013 we decided to start courting. As we continued to talk and pray we realized that we are meant to be together. On January 31, 2014 in Bethal, PA Robby got down on one knee and asked Kathy to be his wife. Kathy Said Yes! Ecclesiastes 3:11 – God has made everything beautiful for its own time.

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