Dovetales Separation and Divorce Series…Where Do I Go From Here?

Dovetales is back next Sunday, July 29, 2018 2:30 pm eastern time with the second installment of our 6 month series on Separation & Divorce ; joining me author and Divorce Care Leader Rachel Kidder. With the grace of God, we both survived divorce and lived to see another day–in Jesus name! DCL Ministries was birthed out of my pain, tears, years of uncertainty as the Lord sought to rebirth and renew me while stirring up the spiritual gifts deep inside me. I never really knew what I was capable of with God, but I was learning what I was capable without Him.  And, boy, am I happy I said yes! The best way I can describe it is when one goes to the movies and pays a little extra so they can experience that movie in 3D. With Christ, I am now experiencing life in 3D  and the the closer I get to Him the more I become the “fuller” version of what I was created to be. Sadly, many of us must experience an ending in order to experience a new beginning; mine was the demise of my marriage. What was yours?

Going through a separation almost killed me, because I never knew where I stood or if our marriage was going to make it. I longed for my ex-husband to come to his senses and say he made a mistake and that he would come back home. I guess not just come home, but somehow we could get back to where we were before the infidelity. But, when I thought about it, I really didn’t want to go back to that spot either. I really wanted a new marriage one where God was in the center rather than us having a life that looked one way knowing it was really another way. What had happened to my self-esteem? My goals? My life? Me? I was a wreck. But, God showed me that He understood, because after the Fall of Man He too was separated from what  He loves. He too wishes mankind would change their mind and come running home, but many still have not even though He has revealed Himself to them. Perhaps, you’ve allowed the materialistic desires of this world to place distance ( or a wedge) between you and the One who cares and loves you unconditionally. You see, in God’s love for you, He looks for ways to bless you without corrupting you. Sometimes it means you won’t always get what you want OR when you want it, but perhaps it’s time to BE a great person rather than look for a great person. Like me, perhaps you have allowed the desire for the materialistic things in this world to change the the image you were created in. Upon doing so, have you found yourself, like Adam and Eve, blaming friends, family, co-workers, and your spouse for the circumstances you have found yourself in–by your own hand, while yelling out, “How did I get here?”

That is why Dovetales wants to have a conversation with YOU. So, for our second broadcast in our #Separation & #Divorce Series with my co-host author Rachel Kidder . Our first program focused on the reasons “why” one said “I DO.” This time we will focus on the horrible pain and agony called the “limbo stage,” meaning, the moment one questions if their spouse will ever come back or just call it quits. What does one do and “Where Does One Go From Here?” If you have ever been Separated or Divorced join us by calling into the show and sharing what choices you’ve made and what you’ve learned –good OR bad. We are all here to #learn#listen, and #grow while being led by the One who leads all men to truth–the Holy Spirit! Looking forward to another great discussion. You are not alone my friends, for pain surely has a way of bringing the most diverse groups of people together.

Join us  Sunday, July 29, 2018 for our second installment of the Separation and Divorce Series titled, ” Where Do I Go From Here?” 2:30 pm eastern time. Call into our show by dialing 646-668-8485 press 1 to be live on the air. We would love to have you!

Lastly, I would like to introduce you all to my co-host author Rachel Kidder.

Being someone who has gone through Divorce with one child, living many years with depression and eventually hitting rock bottom, Rachel Kidder takes that knowledge from her past, along with her own healing journey to aid those in rebuilding their lives with a focus on Christ as the ultimate healer. After going through two sessions of Divorce Care, which helped immensely with her healing, as well as gaining a deeper knowledge of the Lord, she soon became a facilitator. After four years of helping others who were going through similar situations, she is now the lead facilitator for Divorce Care at a local church. This is a Christian based support group helping those who are separated or divorced heal and overcome from the difficulties associated with such an emotional experience. It covers many different topics on the subject and gives solid tools, scripture and support to help people in a healthy, positive and non-judgmental way. Rachel found comfort in knowing that you don’t have to go through something like that on your own and considers it an opportunity to learn, grow, and build relationships in a loving and encouraging way, which is a continuous reminder of Christ’s love.

Rachel has launched her first blog and God is paving the way for many more opportunities, while opening the doors to her purpose. She is also the author of “Healing Grace Scripture Journal – 30 Day Bible Study Journal for Emotional Healing”, which is a simplified scripture journal for those seeking healing through Christ for their emotional hurts and brokenness.

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