What Guest’s Are Saying About Dovetales Christian Radio Show

My name is Diana Dungy and I was a guest on Dovetales, Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018.

What an applicable date to have an interview. God is so strategic and He knows just who to use to help birth the gifts He has placed in us. This phenomenal woman of God; Deborah Lassiter has keen insight and discernment. As we went into the interview she easily picked up on my character and gifting’s God has bestowed in me.  She honed in on them with an air of compassion, knowledge and flair. With her beautiful spirit that spoke of understanding and empathy she brought out things in me I didn’t realize that I knew. Her intuitiveness stoked the fire that had incited me to share my life story with others through the writing of non-fiction books (‘Faith Is No Accident’; volumes 1-4, A Dream Which Was Not A Dream At All’ and ‘’Harvey, The Hurricane of Hope.’ Her loving arms reached through the phone lines and gave me the courage to open up and discuss issues of my books that would incite others to want to run out and purchase them. Deborah Lassiter is a real gem. The ‘real deal holyfield.’ She knows how to express the love of God in a way that if you don’t know Him, you will before you leave her presence. I soooo enjoyed the interview and getting to know such a beautiful individual. She made me feel like I was the most important person in the world with no hidden agendas. Thank you so much my new-found friend and sister-in-Christ. I pray that one day we will meet face to face. May God continue to keep and bless you and the fruit of your labor.

Be blessed and keep standing.


Diana Dungy, Author/Speaker

The Faith Warrior


DCL Ministries

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