What Guest’s Are Saying About Dovetales Christian Radio Program

I have been blessed to appear on several TV and radio shows over the years. Whilst all appearances are special for the connection they enable with audiences across cultures and geographical borders, my time on Dovetales was particularly memorable and special.

Not least, because Dovetales is a show where guests are invited to bring their full (human) selves to the fore through sharing their authentic journeys with listeners. On the Dovetales show you are not a serial number or some brand façade, rather you are your many shades of humanity sharing your story with many shades of humans!

What I found particularly refreshing about being a guest on the Dovetales show is the subject matter. We live in a world where many people feel the pressure to hide their faith in the closet on many fronts such as places of work. The Dovetales show challenges the notion that we have to be less of who we (genuinely) are to be professional. We can discuss God and his role in our lives alongside our career journeys.

Last but by no means least, the welcoming nature and frankly expert hosting and interview skills of the host of the Dovetales show, Deborah Lassiter is quite something to behold. I was particularly impressed by the way Deborah takes time to connect with her guests on a human level, by the time you hit the show you feel like you know Deborah well and that she has invested good and real time to know you for who you (truly) are. As a result, the day of the show is but a culmination of a beautiful journey of friendship that begins way before you hit the airwaves and, I am pleased to say, lasts way after.

For all the above and other reasons which words may fail to fully reveal, I am a self-confessed Dovetaler and look forward to returning to the show in the near future to chat with Deborah and her Global audience about my soon-to-launch online career course called GOGETTER.

Global Inclusive Speaker, Entrepreneur Dumi Senda

DCL Ministries

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