Dovetales Testimonials

Dovetales, with PJC Media Worldwide, is going into its third year on Blog-Talk Radio, live every Sunday 2:30-3:30 pm eastern time. The guest’s who’ve come on this program have taught me so much about myself and the power God has once we lay down what we want; how we want it and giving Him the power to govern our lives. April 26, 2006 I recommitted myself to His glory always seeking His counsel before anyone else’s. I have cried, struggled, and for many season’s learned to LET GO of the images I created in my head about God. C. S. Lewis said in his book Mere Christianity that God spends much of a believer’s life breaking the wrong images that one might have conjured up about Him. Dovetales, in many ways, is about that journey of unlearning and doing away with the old self  in order to put on our new identity and new life in Jesus Christ. I believe that what one puts into finding Jesus is what they must, at the very least, continue to do in order to keep Him; remain IN Him, and become His obedient servant. It is not easy, but it is possible.

I never set out to share my testimony. In fact, as a young adult, I was scared to be vulnerable with others. I didn’t trust people very much. Or, perhaps I was too trusting and in my naivety, I got hurt –often. But, as Psalms 73 says, ” Then I entered the Sanctuary of the Lord…” So, the fear of praising His name left me. When I think about all he has seen me through; when I think about how Holy Spirit has talked me off the ledge of insanity while strengthening me at the core; when I think about Jesus interceding for me and singing over me as I sleep; when I think about the sweet Father welcoming his daughter (me) into His arms when I had no one to turn to– I need to serve Him. This is no obligatory love, just love…

It is the One and only True God who has my heart and I cannot help but gladly bear His name. Like peanut butter and Jelly, somethings just belong together. The heart of Dovetales is rooted in the Gospel of Mark. The active sixteen chapter is just splendid as it brings understanding about the mysterious contrast of One ( Christ) who was a servant and King. The Gospel that speaks of first being last, and last being first. The Synoptic Gospel highlighting those servants willing to give up their life for Christ rather then save their life for their own selfish desires. Yes, you can find the entire Gospel of Mark in the Gospel of Matthew, much like one can find their entire life in the Macro Gospel of the Bible. But, there is something about one’s individual story, trials and triumphs, that all can relate to, empathize with, and learn from on some human level. It is Mark 1: 9-11, a scene of the heavens being open and the Father speaking to His Son telling Him how pleased He is. And, as the the heavens were torn open we witness the Holy Spirit rest on Christ like a dove. The Holy Spirit and gift sent to lead all mankind into truth is real as He comforts, seals, illuminates while bringing many in union with Jesus and other like-minded believer’s. Therefore, as a disciple of Christ we too have the Holy Spirit resting on us like a dove. And, it’s that Spirit which resides in all who believe in the resurrection of Jesus, propelling all to go forth into the world; spreading the Gospel.

Dovetales celebrates, and will continue to celebrate the many faces and bold servant leader’s of God  who were courageous enough to share their Testimony, their trials, and their experiences on this weekly program. I apologize in advance if I flood your que, but it’s simply exquisite and I want to share it with you. I am excited about all that God is doing in each of my guest’s lives ( past and present). I am a witness that God can reach anyone, at any time , in any geographical location–just say Yes to Him and then stand back and watch the Salvation of the Lord.

So, if you have never heard about Dovetales or tuned into a live broadcast take a peek at our past shows , here.

Enjoy what the many witnesses have to say about who Christ is to them while in His presence. Don’t take my word for it, learn from the others and gradually be amazed.  Join us for laughter, tales, and testimony…

Your Host, Deborah Lassiter




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