Dovetales Christian Radio Interviews The Idea Mogul, CEO of Stellar Creative Paula McDade

Hello everyone, I pray you’re safe on this rainy day. Rain is beautiful, because it is sorta like a cleansing, a baptism or, a way to clean off the old and dive into the new. Well, join me this Sunday, May 20, 2018  on #Dovetales as I interview CEO of Steller Creative, a boutique brand created to provide print, web, and publishing services to entrepreneurs, ministry professionals, and non-profit organizations. The lovely “Ideal Mogul” Paula McDade is also the creative genius; Editor-and-Chief of Brilliant Awakening Magazine and Creative Director of The Brilliant Awakening Anthology; stories of women sharing their experiences. But, what makes a genius? Many people can study, specialize or learn a trade BUT genius perhaps is taking that foundation and creating on the realm above the fundamentals. Genius takes vision and imagination in addition to what many already know in their field of expertise. And, my guest agrees this can only be achieved by seeking God and when God gets a hold of you you won’t even need a business card. Join us at 2:30 pm eastern time and be blessed!

To join us on #Dovetales, Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 2:30 pm eastern time log onto………… and let the healing begin!

Speaker Bio | Paula McDade
Paula McDade is the CEO of Stellar Creative, a boutique brand created to provide print, web, and publishing services to busy entrepreneurs, ministry professionals, and nonprofit organizations. Nicknamed “The Idea Mogul” because of her creative genius, she is the Editor-and-Chief of Brilliant Awakening Magazine and the Creative Director of The Brilliant Awakening Anthology, a collection of stories from women sharing their experiences of overcoming tragedy and abuse. The anthology was recently nominated “Anthology of the Year” by the IALA.
As a sought after national Speaker, Author, and Creative Social Entrepreneur, Paula inspires women to shake off the limits of the past, while breaking through the walls of doubt and fear by sharing her personal testimony. Through her transparency and authentic style of delivery, she offers practical action steps to help her audience maximize their potential. Paula’s work is currently published on You Version, also known as the Bible app, an international digital platform reaching millions or readers daily. She has been featured on TBN, Leadercast Women, Connected Woman Magazine as well as multiple radio shows and podcasts.
I was at a crossroads in my life where I was seeking a change in my vocation. I had the basic talent and gifts but no business application for how to begin my creative company. After seeking God, he told me to go and work in the industry so that I could learn. I began working with a local graphic design company and being mentored by the owner. That mentorship was the springboard for where I am today. After working there for several months, the Lord told me it was time to move on. I didn’t understand, because I had only been working there for a short time, but He said I was ready. With no clients, no office, and no guarantee of success, I went in one day and quit my job. I hadn’t given notice but intended to stay the customary two weeks after giving notice. My boss was not happy about my sudden departure and insisted I clear out my office and leave immediately. I immediately called and told my (then) husband what had just happened. He said it was all a part of God’s plan and really it was a good thing. I started my company, Stellar Creative and never looked back. I did no advertising and no marketing for this business. Every client from that point was word of mouth and I believe God was the one who built my client base. It has been a walk of faith ever since. I have diversified my business to include publishing and book coaching – now a talk show is in development. I have worked with clients across the nation and my work has been recognized and rewarded. 
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