Dovetales Interviews CEO and Inspirational Coach Kashonna Holland

Hello everyone! I pray you’re enjoying Dovetales, because Dovetales loves spending time with you every Sunday, 2:30 pm eastern time. We are back this Sunday, May 6, 2018 to unpack yet another tremendous testimony. Many times, I have wondered if there is anyone witnessing my life like believers witness for Christ. Oh, the many questions we have for God, but when we hear those answers; when we seek to “live” the Bible rather than merely read the Bible we experience the shift; the transformation needed in order to make the Process of Salvation real. My guest Kashonna Holland is one who promotes Christians BOLDNESS and FEARLESSNESS while living a life of COURAGE IN CHRIST. She goes beyond surface issues to address the pink elephants that tend to inhibit, professional and spiritual potential.Spending years in a pastoral role where crisis intervention and spiritual guidance were her primary responsibilities; she is one who understands why development is essential. So, join us for another Dovetale with Deborah!

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Kashonna Holland is an engaging keynote speaker, an inspiring coach, a motivational author, and an insightful corporate trainer. Kashonna is the President & CEO of Simply Kashonna, a business built to promote BOLD, FEARLESS and COURAGEOUS living. She goes beyond surface issues to address the pink elephants that inhibit personal, professional and spiritual potential.

Kashonna has helped many people walk through the ambiguity of their lives and on to defining their life’s purpose by discovering their authentic self. Kashonna’s heart for God is the filter through which her love for people flows; it’s quite evident in everything she does. Both, in the corporate arena and in ministry, strategic growth and development of people have always been the focal point of her service. Corporately, she has held positions in both Human Resources, as well as the Staffing industry. Additionally, Kashonna spent years in a pastoral role where crisis intervention and spiritual guidance were her primary responsibilities. Understanding that leadership training and development is essential to any corporation or organization’s growth, Kashonna launched Leading Forward LLC, which is dedicated to enhancing employee engagement, performance, productivity and morale.

Kashonna is also the author of 7 Days to Simply Shift: A Daily Guide to Transforming Your Mindset Personally, Professionally and Spiritually. In 2016, Kashonna was the recipient of the Fannie Lou Hamer Award and currently serves on the Howard County Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency, as a community advocate. No matter the venue, Kashonna will impact you with her contagious energy, vibrant smile, and sincere message.

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