Dovetales Interviews Author and Literary Agent Joylynn M. Ross

Dovetales is back this this Memorial Day weekend Sunday, May 27, 2018 with BLESSED selling Author, E.N.Joy also known as Joylynn M. Ross. We are blessed to have this woman of God who was able to turn separation into a favorable event after she divorced her career as a paralegal in the insurance industry, and decided to marry her all time love called writing. I just enjoy the heart of a servant, for I believe there is a difference between being a servant of God and being God’s servant. The difference is when we serve God we often choose what we want to do, how we want to serve, and who we want to serve. But, when we offer ourselves up to God, as His servant, HE chooses the when, the where, the who, and how we will serve. For it is His need that must be fulfilled and not our own. It is through this choice we discover that our task is to simply obey, even when we don’t want to or, don’t understand. My guest believes her years as an author, literary agent, and editor had nothing to do with her, but everything to do with God’s will for her life; a life seeking to serve His people overall. The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time!

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About the Author- E.N. Joy

Joylynn M. Ross, writing as BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy, is a native of Columbus, Ohio. This past summer of 2017, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, she packed up her five-level split, five-bedroom home, and moved to a three-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joylynn has big dreams and goals in growing her business. To justify the move, not that it needed justifying, Joylynn states, “Sometimes you have to downsize your lifestyle to supersize your business.”

The STILL fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada is where Joylynn is finally operating in her true gifts and talents. It is where she is being exactly who God told her she would be. In Las Vegas is where her dreams are growing and manifesting beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

“Only God would move me to the desert to water my dreams,” Joylynn states.

But that is exactly what He did.

After thirteen years of being a paralegal in the insurance industry, Joylynn divorced her career and married her mistress and her passion; writing. In the year 2000, she formed her own publishing company. Under Path To Publishing, an arm under the umbrella of her parent company, Joylynn teaches what she has learned in almost 20 years in the literary industry. She does so by instructing writing and publishing online courses, workshops, and webinars. September 20-22, 2018, Joylynn will be teaching over 200 hundred authors how to build their book, build their book business, and how to create multiple streams of income to sustain their book business at the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” 2018 Conference.

“I’m going to be teaching . . . I’m a teacher,” Joylynn says in awe. “And that is exactly who God told me I was going to be.”

Joylynn admits that when God first told her His will for her as a teacher, she immediately assumed He meant a Bible study teacher or something of the sort. But she had no idea that she would be teaching authors across the map how to tell their stories, sell their stories, and build literary empires.

Joylynn has come a long way since the debut of her first title, Please Tell Me If the Grass Is Greener.  She has written a children’s book titled The Secret Olivia Told Me under the name N. Joy, which received an American Library Association Coretta Scott King Honor. Joylynn currently writes Christian fiction under the name E. N. Joy. Her first Christian fiction title, Me, Myself and Him, debuted in 2008 under Carl Weber’s Urban Christian imprint, where she was the acquisitions and developmental editor for ten years.

“My journey wasn’t my journey,” Joylynn states. “My years as an author, literary agent, and editor in the literary industry had nothing to do with me, but it had everything to do with God’s will for me and His people who I will serve.”

You can visit Joylynn’s author website at or her company website,

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