Deborah Lassiter Video Talks About The Women God Used and The Upside to Loss…

Happy Saturday to you all! Today’s encouraging video continues the journey of my book, The Women God Used as we celebrate the widow Anna. So many of us have endured loss. Perhaps you have lost a loved one, lost a job, lost your appetite for life or even the will to live. But, Anna helps us to celebrate life and how to keep going, thriving while remaining expectant and ready for the blessings and teachings of God. There are benefits to being governed by Christ. Join me and let’s celebrate how far we have come, together!

The Women God Used is a book about self-discovery and about confronting what confront us, no matter how painful. God celebrates us all , and this book celebrates what we can accomplish in union with Jesus Christ. Are you one who has ever felt unwanted? stupid, unsuccessful angry or lost? Then this book is for you!!!

To Tune into this video, click here.

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