Dovetales Interviews Global Energy Expert and Author Mireille Toulekima

Dovetales is back this Sunday, April 29 to uplift and inspire you! I am ready for flip-flops, are you? Yes, sometimes we have to speak to those things which are not, as though they are so. Which brings up this question. Why are believers afraid to dream bigger? We say we believe, trust, and embrace God’s counsel, but lack the authority through the Power of the Holy Spirit when claiming that what Christ died on the cross for. Well, my next guest entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and multi-skilled Global Energy expert Mireille Toulekima will be joining us to share her testimony and passion for leaving a lasting legacy. Perhaps you didn’t know, but there are steps to getting all that God has for you and through Mireille we will discover how to Step into our greatness as she reveals the work of the Holy Spirit through the tough times wrong turns and poor choices. This wonderful woman speaks 5 languages and is a champion for women working in non-traditional industries that are often male dominated. However, if you are one ( male or female) seeking to come out from among them, and shine your God-given uniqueness in order to dream bigger for His glory then join us so we can get this party started….right!!!

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Mireille Toulekima is an Entrepreneur and Global Energy expert, Petroleum Engineer, Entrepreneur, published author, international speaker, mentor, greatness engineer and ambassador who gains her experience working in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Known globally for being an inspirational multi-skilled woman, Mireille is a woman who enjoys big challenges. She embodies authenticity, positivity, spiritual strength and real “womanhood”. She is part of the new wave of women who have embraced spiritual consciousness, mindfulness as well as globalization, innovation and digital disruption. She dares to risk high and dream big.

Mireille speaks several languages of which Fluent English and French, conversational Spanish and Malay and basic Portuguese. She is a champion for women working in non-traditional industries that are predominantly male dominated. She contributes to a number of women leadership and technical groups around the world and has been identified and recognized as one of the women of influence in the energy sector globally.

Mireille published her first book in 2015. It was called “Local Content Key Enabler for Oil and Gas Projects in Emerging Markets: Investing, Developing and Providing Oversight in Countries of Operation”. The oil and gas industry has met this book release with great acclaim, further launching Mireille’s expertise in emerging markets and placing her firmly in the limelight as an energy expert, TV and Radio personality, motivational speaker and inspirational leader. She has since published two more books “Stepping into your greatness: Twelve rules for building an outstanding life and “Natural Gas Strategies: the role of developing and emerging markets”. Her book “Stepping into your greatness: Twelve rules for building an outstanding lifesummarises her philosophy of life which calls for making each day a masterpiece and leave nothing on the table of life.

Mireille has journeyed a long way from her humble beginnings in the small African country of Gabon in her quest to become the worldwide inspirational leader, public figure, energy expert and women role model she now is.  A true philantrophist, she initiated the Energy Angels project in 2016 with the objective to reach out and sponsor under-privileged African and indigenous Australian girls to study subjects related to the energy sector in prestigious and high- profile schools and universities around the world and mentor young women entrepreneurs in the Energy sector. She made it her commitment and personal mission to help others to become the best that they can be in order to come out of the mass and stand in their own shining light to live the outstanding life they deserve and encourage them to have a positive attitude that will serve a lasting legacy.

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