DCL Ministries Sunday Devotional with Putting On The New Magazine

Happy Sunday to you all. It is a wonderful day for change, laughter, and new memories. The Christian walk is a humbling walk, but I’m not alone in my journey, trials, tears and triumphs, because I team up every 4th Sunday with such an amazing group of women who share what God has placed in their heart too. I am talking about the online magazine, Putting On the New,  with mixed-media artist and author Cherie Burbach. It is about serving God, but doing it together–no matter how far apart we are.

If you are interested in reading other articles by these courageous women, click here.


Life can become so busy we simply forget to give ourselves permission to relax, stop, or sit down in the midst of the madness. How do we not lose ourselves when surrounded by obligations, responsibilities, work, school, ministry, children, family, goals, marriage, loss, love and life? We are pulled in so many different directions that we often lose the opportunity to replenish, restore, and love on ourselves even when all the signs point to slowing down. Psalms 23 says, “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want, he maketh me lie down in green pastures he leadeth me beside the still waters , He restoreth my soul…”. Sadly,  I still wonder why it’s so difficult for one to lay down in green pastures; beside still waters. Personally, I’ve had difficulty not only physically stopping, but mentally stopping too, but this week I was so happy I made time for those greener pastures and those still waters. I threw my cares on the Lord, and stopped and got me some ice cream. I took in the gorgeous moments I hadn’t seen before, due to my skittish brain  being distracted with problems and deadlines. I sat on a bench and soaked in the sunshine  while taking in the beauty of God’s sweet resume in the park. The partially bloomed flowers, the trees growing, children laughing and the sweet birds chirping; I needed nothing more. But, I realized again, the only way to prepare for the hectic areas of my life was to spend time with Him, in prayer, doused in His love and covered in His peace. Yes, my soul was restored and my body refreshed, because there is nothing like God’s Rest…

DCL Ministries

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