DCL Ministries Features CEO and Author, Mary Davisson on Writer’s Corner (12/17)

DCL Ministries enjoys highlighting a ministry every month which truly displays a heart for the Lord, a ministry found to be rooted in His ways while serving His people. That is why DCL Ministries is featuring the multi-gifted CEO and author, Mary Davisson, on our very own Writer’s Corner. We first encountered this wonderful woman of God earlier this year when she unveiled her gorgeous testimony for our listeners, on Dovetales ( weekly Christian radio program). Folks,  as believers, we simply can’t just read the Bible, quote scriptures, and show up for church on Sunday. We are Christ’s hands and feet. Meaning, hands and feet to be used for His glory when writing books, serving hot meals, teaching Sunday school, ushering, working,teaching, preaching, cleaning, answering phones. Perhaps you use your hands to pray,comfort,  paint, baptize or simply give a hug . Church, our hands and feet are  and extension of Him and we must be available when He needs us to “act,” to love, to serve and submit to the many surrounding us and the millions in need. Remember, it’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. So, please help me celebrate for the month of December a woman who is doing just that, a woman named Mary Davisson.

Mary graduated from college, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in Business Administration, finishing with High Honors. She also holds a Master of Arts Degree, with a centralism in Leadership and Ministry, again, completing her study with High Honors. She has co-written two books, Girl, Get Your Fight Back and Unstoppable: Step Into Your Greatness, and has authored several articles. She is the owner, CEO and founder of WOW Enterprise, WOW Ministries, Living (sm) & Y not U Publishing Company.

Mary is also a minister, veteran speaker and singer, who knows that she has been called, christened and commissioned to educate, edify, empower, electrify, engage, enhance and to encourage others to move in the paths that are less traveled and sometimes in the unknown.Additionally, she is a STEM speaker and promoter, entrepreneur, strategist, branding maven, and a transformational leader orator. Her storytelling skills are known for captivating the young, executives, ministry, non-profits leaders and seasoned audiences throughout the country and abroad.Mary welcomes every opportunity to share with others her experiences and how others can obtain success by placing God first, walking with integrity and strategically connecting the dots in life. Hence, she says, “Dreams don’t come to fulfillment passively.” One must by design pursue them, persevere, exercise patience, be persistence, and believe in their product and brand when others don’t. Eventually, she says, the vision and the dream will “SPEAK AND NOT LIE, because in God’s perfect timing others will see it too.”

To enjoy Mary Davisson sharing her testimony on Dovetales, click here.

DCL Ministries

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