Sunday Devotional with POTN- Being Thankful…

It is that time of year my friends, the time where we begin to take a survey of where we have been and what we have accomplished this year. I know we hope this moment can somehow pass us by, but no matter who you are it seems at this time while reminiscing we feel compelled to dive down the road of memories and goals; where we should have been, could have been, and what there is left to accomplish. I am glad that I’m not alone in my journey, because I team up every 4th Sunday with such amazing group of women as we write about our trials, triumphs and victories which we experience while on our Christian walk. I am talking about the online magazine, Putting On the New,  with mixed-media artist and author Cherie Burbach. It is about serving God, but doing it together–no matter how far apart we are.

Enjoy this article: Being Thankful

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service” (1 Timothy 1:12).

I marvel at the heart posture of Saint Paul when writing a letter to young Timothy who is in need of guidance as he leads and pastors a new church. At times, Paul can sound so joyful that he might lead the reader into thinking that he is on a mini-vacation or a sabbatical somewhere. But, to our dismay we know that he is not on a vacation, but in prison, being persecuted and pressed from all sides for his faith in Jesus Christ. Paul is driven and in this text we witness what he is willing to “do” when holding his ground as he ministers the Word of God–fearlessly. It’s hard not to gaze at this text and think about Paul’s daily surroundings, for he is not being encouraged, uplifted, or poured into as many of us would need to be in a time such as this. So, I don’t think anyone would fault him if he decided to complain or just scream out in agony for all he had gone through, is going through and what he will ultimately go through defending God’s namesake. At times of trial many can forget to be grateful or thankful that we’ve survived for so very long–with a sound mind.  This scripture, when left in its context, illuminates such radiance and unmistakable beauty, because in the eye of the storm Paul draws strength from the One who can only provide it– our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Paul reminds all who believe that we should be thankful that the sweet Lord considers us too as His faithful little children when walking out what He has called us to do, in the season we are in. On this Thanksgiving weekend, there are many who feel pressed from all sides just like Paul. Perhaps every-way you’ve turned or re-positioned your body the space your forced to dwell in feels tight, crowded, and smothering much like the prison Paul finds himself in daily. Don’t lose focus, but draw hope, joy, and strength from the Lord. Why? Because He has called you just like He has called Paul. He will see you through it all so, rejoice and be glad this Thanksgiving weekend, because you have come so far in your journey and God will strengthen through each and every step.

To God Be the Glory…

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