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What an amazing opportunity I had as I teamed up with Nancy Werteen ( award winning television news reporter and anchor) and Kim Howie ( certified health coach, author and founder of Live Balance for Life) .  Together, they have this wonderful and inspirational platform that allows them to encourage, support, and unify women. DCL Ministries teams up with this wonderful group of ladies as we share what we’ve learned about ourselves and how to navigate simply being a woman as we discussed various topics ranging from ladies being viewed as too aggressive or too assertive to, how does one maintain their joy.

What is Wisdom Coalition


To create a collaborative community to help women flourish, thrive, and find joy in the journey of life.


In our busy lives, many of us don’t take the time to look inside and find the joy that is waiting for us. We feel this life-changing gift of joy is perpetuated by the camaraderie and wisdom of other women.

The ultimate goal of the Wisdom Coalition is to help women connect and commit to their personal passion and inner wisdom, empowering them to move forward in life with vigor and self-love.


What is the secret to happiness?  We feel it is finding joy in every day and every experience.  The Wisdom Coalition, LLC is built on the foundation that there is power in joy.

The Wisdom Coalition will create the support women are missing today by providing them with words of wisdom, practical tools, and advice needed to maintain a positive, hopeful outlook about the future.  We will impart uplifting messages in an interactive SAFE (Secure, Authentic, Friendly, Energizing) environment, encouraging women to reboot, refuel, and recharge to create a positive outlook enabling them to find joy in every aspect of their lives.


The Wisdom Coalition, LLC has been created by Kim Howie, Health Coach, author, and designer of the Pure Energy Program, and Nancy Werteen, television news reporter and anchor with WFMZ-TV-69, currently producing a series called, “Life Lessons” which focuses on health and wellness tips, along with guidance and support from advising partner, Heather Rodale, VP of Community Outreach and a member of the Board of Directors for Rodale Inc., as well as founder of the not-for-profit organization, Healing Through The Arts.


The Wisdom Coalition, LLC brings women together for monthly forums and events that focus on unique and timely topics addressing issues facing women of today. These events serve as a haven from the stress of every day life, and assist women in embracing change and facing life’s challenges with optimism and gratitude. The theme of each session is solution-driven. A panel of experts will share their life experiences related to the session’s topic and answer any questions generated from the group. Time will be reserved before and after each forum for networking and mingling..

Our forums are offered in a setting that is informative, intimate and comfortable. Although each forum consists of a panel of experts who introduce and discuss the topic, the events are interactive, as we feel our effort is collaborative and all women have wisdom to share with each other.

Did you know a positive outlook can result in a higher salary, more promotions and a higher job satisfaction? These amazing women know and their words will brighten your day for sure!

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Science is showing that positive thoughts can have incredible benefits on our physical and mental health and also on our levels of success, even our salaries. We talked with Lehigh Valley women about the subject of finding more joy in our lives every day.

Susan Yee
CEO/Active Data and
Single mom
Angel investor, Philanthropist

“I lost my husband to a drunk driver in a car crash and that was an unexpected, very traumatic moment for me and those around me and those who loved him. When you survive something like that, you just kind of have to get through it. I think the most important thing is to live the moment and not just ‘be.'”

Deborah Lassiter
Founder of DCL Ministries
Author, Radio Host, Entrepreneur

“I love when I can go to an art museum with my friends and really be there, really be present, really be there. I witness people in places but they’re not there. They’re not really enjoying it. They want happiness they want joy but I think a lot of times people look back and say, ‘I think my life was really wonderful 10 years ago’ but it passed them by.”

Stephanie Gardner

“You have to understand what makes you personally comfortable and happy and you have to understand who you are as an individual in the world that you live in and it’s not just something that’s handed to you on a platter.”

Jane Wells Schooley, MA, CMBA
Founder and CEO of Northstar Team Development & Northstar Women Leaders
Co-owner of Dutch Springs

“I really do believe we create our joy. It’s not something we wait for, it’s not something somebody gives us, it’s not something that we can depend on somebody else for, you just create it.”

Stephanie Wells
Co-host Mike & Steph in the Morning, B104
Wife, Mother, Volunteer

“You’re never sure where you’re going to find the joy in that moment , but if you really make an effort to realize you have so many resources available to you, then you just  kind of pick and choose what it is that you go for.”

Jessica Ramirez
Regression Therapist

“Dr. Wayne Dyer has this great quote, ‘Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world’. Same world. Well joyous people live in a joyous world. People who seek joy live in a joyous world.”

Deborah Lassiter
Founder of DCL Ministries
Author, Radio Host, Entrepreneur

“I think we have to fight for joy.”

Susan Yee
CEO/Active Data and
Single mom
Angel investor, Philanthropist

“What I have to do is take a pause. and just look around and say wait a minute I don’t have to rush it’s much more enjoyable and I feel much better at the end of the day when I’m not just crazy and again that’s that existence of going from one thing to another without taking a moment to appreciate the moment.”

The Wisdom Coalition

The Dates for the remaining segments are highlighted as follows:

November 29: 6:15am Wisdom Wednesday Assertive vs Aggressive
December 4: 6:30pm Wisdom Coalition TV Show
December 6: WW The Wisdom Coalition
December 11: WC TV Show
December 13: WW Body Image
December 18: WC TV Show
January 3: WW Technology and Communication
January 8: WC TV Show

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