Dovetales Interviews Christian Fiction Author the Delightful Raven H. Price

I pray you have all been enjoying Dovetales, because it’s all about what transpires after Salvation has been received, while on the road traveled, with the voice that leads all mankind into truth–the one and only Holy Spirit. So, join me because Dovetales is back this Sunday, November 12, 2017 with a woman who strives to inspire others when believing in a loving and trusting God. What a long journey wife, mother, and Christian fiction author Raven H. Price has been on. Like her in the past, how many of us have become a believer in Jesus only to find ourselves slipping into the role of the judgmental Christian who is always talking, but never listening–mainly to ourselves. Sometimes we get so excited about what we’ve learned we forget we are “still” learning. Only God can be our judge, because He is the only One who knows the heart therefore, the ONLY ONE knowing its intent. Ultimately, it was by listening (and reading) that God inspired Raven to enter into a world of imagination, intrigue and fantasy while birthing a series of books called The Paradigm Shift Trilogy. Join me as I unpack the delightful journey of the over comer Raven H. Price.

Raven H. Price, is a Christian fiction writer who usually writes romances mixed with fantasy and supernatural events to intrigue her readers but recently has dabbled in writing a children’s book about a beloved dog’s journey with God and the humans he loved.
To date, she has written one stand-alone called THE PLAN, based on true life experiences, a trilogy called THE PARADIGM SHIFT TRILOGY (Convicted, Convinced and Commissioned) and a children’s book called A DOG NAMED DERF.  She plans to continue writing.  Maybe follow up the trilogy with another series or write other children’s books about animals.
Raven is a wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother who devotes her time inspiring and encouraging people to believe in themselves and trusting in a loving God.  
If you are interested in knowing more about Raven and learning more about her work. click here.
To tune into Raven H. Price Dovetale go to The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time.
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