Dovetales Christian Radio Interviews Life Coach Kenya S. Ulmer- A Heart For Single Mothers

Dovetales is so excited to be back this Sunday, October 29, 2017 as we dazzle you with the Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher and Mother Kenya S. Ulmer. This woman of God has a heart for single moms, knowing personally the struggles they go through when the fairy-tale ending dissolves into thin air. How many of us girls hold on longer than we should, failing to recognize that  in our Cinderella story we are NOT going to end up marrying that sweet prince? How do you know when to let go and what does one do when they’ve anchored their hopes and dreams on what they “thought” was going to happen, only to be shattered with what “actually” ends up happening? Kenya’s Dovetale is full of pain and rebound relationships leading to destructive patterns, BUT Kenya is now drama-free and healed. Her hope is to stress the importance of chasing Jesus (rather than that man) while teaching women “how” to recognize the diversions that are designed to keep us off track. Today, she educates women with her coaching program called, From Drama to Destiny. Be sure to join us and let the healing, begin…

Meet Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Teacher Kenya S. Ulmer. A single mom of seventeen years has a heart for the single parent. It’s in Kenya’s DNA to serve, empower and encourage women who are trying to juggle it all. Her mission is to help women cut out the drama and distractions to get on the road to their destiny. Drama and chaos are the dirty little secrets that we want to keep hidden and behind closed doors. Kenya knows about these secrets first-hand, having been caught up in a whirlwind of drama two years after her daughter was born. Her college sweetheart and father of her child, whom she had been with for eight years, told her that he wasn’t ready to get married—the day she tried on wedding dresses. Devastated and heart-broken, she ran from one ungodly soul tie to another, which put her on a course of destruction and despair. Up next was the pain of the rebound relationship that rode in as a knight on a white horse, but his vile comments crushed on her spirit like the Hulk. Then there was the six-and-a-half-year relationship that produced…wait for it…absolutely nothing

Now drama-free and healed, Kenya stresses the importance of chasing Jesus and teaches women how to recognize the diversions that are designed to take them out and keep them off track. Her coaching program called, From Drama to Destiny, workshops and products are all designed to eliminate the chaotic and crazed hamster wheel syndrome, the cycle of toxic relationships and self-inflicted drama preventing women from pursuing and living in their God-given purpose.

Clients love her genuine and caring nature. Kenya worships at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro, Maryland where she ministers to women by writing for Grace Magazine and serves on the core teams of the Single Parents and Singles Ministry.

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