Featured Ministry of the Month, Entrepreneur, Author and Training Queen of Kings Alison Johnson

DCL Ministries first encountered business woman, author, entrepreneur and friend Alison Johnson when she shared her testimony on our Christian radio show Dovetales, earlier this year. It is the power and servant heart of this woman of God which drew me near as we spoke during and after the show. In my experience God’s people come with a steadfast, humble and powerful nature, because they know how to bend their knees and bow their heads while serving God’s people–expecting nothing in return. The one who knows how to serve, in my opinion, is also one who knows how to lead . And Alison Johnson, ladies and gentlemen, is a leader…

DCL Ministries hope is to feature nationally and internationally ministries walking out The Great Commission as God ignites their hearts and directs their paths when seeking to change the heart of man, through the work of the Holy Spirit. Remember, we are the Lord’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good work, which He has prepared in advance for us to do. God so loved the world He gave and those of us who are His disciples should do the same. So, please join me as DCL Ministries celebrates a wonderful woman who is full of faith and hope as she lends her voice when representing the many in need. We are honored to highlight, for the month of October, the extraordinary and the lovely, Alison Johnson.

Alison leads a vibrant church in Croydon, England. She recently set it up in response to a revelation she had received in her spirit dating back to October 2014. She recorded the name she was given and other details in her journal but knowing it was not yet the time held it in prayer. It was in August this year that she stepped out in faith to respond to the growing issues in her community. Her heart’s desire is to empower adults and youth alike to create positive change for families and ultimately the community in general.

As an entrepreneurial woman Alison has supported many other females to enter into the world of business ownership. To this end she is also the London Development leader for the UK’S No1 Christian Business Networking organisation (Training Kings). Her ambition is to plant branches across London so Christian Business owners and entrepreneurs can have support and be equipped to run successful ventures. http://www.trainingkings.co.uk

Alison is a published author and generally enjoys writing. She is a regular columnist for Keep the Faith magazine. She shares her wisdom on matters of female issues, family and relationships.

In 2015 she was nominated and won an award in the International Wise Woman Awards in the category of Woman in Ministry. So far this year she has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Motivational Speaker for a charitable organisation called Hope & Voice located in the UK. Alison loves Public Speaking and wants to assist others in overcoming the fear of it.

Her organisation School of Expression does exactly that through group workshops; intensive boot-camps or 1:1 coaching and training sessions. In terms of community engagement Alison is not just a speaker but a doer. She is founder of Happy Lunch a lunch project for homeless people (with a particular focus on those living in temporary accommodation); she established and delivered empowerment workshops for women living in hostels; arranges and hosts an annual Christmas party and concert for disadvantaged children.


Ministry information:

Name: Torchlight Ministries

A vibrant non-denominational church located in Central Croydon, Surrey, England.


There are numerous ministries that sit under the umbrella of the church some highlighted below –

Women’s ministry – A.C.E. (Accepted. Chosen. Expectant) – Women are supported and encouraged to view themselves as God sees them. The essence of the ministry is based on Proverbs 31:29.

Men’s Ministry – Kingdom Soldiers – Based on 2 Samuel 10: 12

Children’s Ministry – Aimed at teaching and ministering to children aged from 3-12 years old

Touchbase – Ministry designed to keep in touch with those experiencing difficult times, illness, in hospital or have experienced a bereavement

DCL Ministries

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