Dovetales Interviews Leader of Worshippers Unplugged, Natasha Daniels

This Sunday, October 8, 2017 Dovetales is all about Praise and Worship that is in “awe” of the Almighty God, Jesus Christ as we sing it loud and sing it proud! Folks, in my opinion, music is an offering to the triune God and each musician and vocalist “in Christ” while creating worship music should do so under the anointing of Him and not creating in the heart posture of the best beat in “da club”. It is the musicians who prepare the hearts of the congregation before the Word of the Lord is spoken through the church pastor. So, join me as we interview the leader of Worshippers Unplugged, the resilient and tenacious leader, Natasha Daniels, will be sharing her Dovetale with us. With her new album dropping in early 2018, it’s Natasha’s new single, “You Are Great” full of high energy that invites lovers of God to join in and exalt Him, exciting all about her new album. Natasha wants the track to remind believers that despite their current circumstances, God is always great! So, don’t miss it…

Worship is at the heart of the ministry of Natasha Daniels. It’s as important as the air that she breathes. Gifted with the ability to invoke the presence of God and to create an atmosphere that welcomes the Lord, Daniels uses the vehicle of music for ministry. The leader of Worshippers Unplugged, a musical congregation of lovers of worship, Natasha is spreading her love for the Savior to others with the same heart for God. Her gift has truly made room for her and she’s shared the stage with Gospel artists Jason Nelson and Casey J. A pastor’s wife and a recording artist, she is prepping a generation of believers for praise. Her first musical offering is entitled “You Are Great”. A spirited praise anthem, “You Are Great”, released on March 18, 2017, is the continuation of a ministry that has just began to change lives.

It will be a musical smorgasbord of praise and worship songs, all from the pen of the minstrel. For the psalmist, each song she sings aims to bring the believer closer to God. She says, “It’s important to me that people have a relationship with God. I don’t want them to feel like they must work for church or work for religion. At the end of the day, He loves us regardless. He wants us regardless. Jesus died for every sin we would ever commit. I want to give people a fresh perspective of God, an understanding of Him they may have never had before. I want them to recognize how good He really is.” Natasha encourages believers to hang on to their faith, even in tough times. “Sometimes things happen in life that you don’t expect,” she says. “When life happens, God meets you right where you are. When God meets you where you are, ask yourself what is it you want Him to do for you and what are you willing to do for Him. What exchanges are you willing to make so that you can be the best you can be so that God can shine brightly in your life? Once you have that mutual agreement with God, you take each other’s hand and you walk it out.”

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