Dovetales Interviews Toastmasters Member and Family Man, Ron Lederle

Dovetales, Dovetales and more Dovetales! We are back this Sunday, October 1, 2017 as I interview Toastmasters member, father and lover of our Lord Jesus Christ, Ron Lederle. Many followers of Jesus are exactly that…followers. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but God designed humanity to need one another. We were created to be in union with Christ and with other believers through the work of the Holy Spirit while worshiping, praying, ministering, teaching and learning ,through the Word of God, what is sound doctrine and what’s simply not sound doctrine. Sadly, millions have been ignited by Christ, but have decided to experience life alone rather than in the community of other Christians in a safe and God-fearing church home. My special guest Ron Lederle knows what life is like when one doesn’t always seek out counsel from our Lord when coming to the crossroads of life. Join me as we unpack his beautiful journey, his redemption, and his Dovetale.

Ron grew up in Southern California. His father was a construction worker, operating heavy equipment and his mother was a server at a local restaurant. Ron and his sister were adopted. It is Ron’s mother who began to take he and his sister to church which ignited them both joining the choir. Ron didn’t grow up in a family rooted in bible verses or even attending church together. Perhaps this is where the tradition and lack of church community was birthed at.

This Sunday, we will discover all the twists and turns life has to offer to one governed by God or not governed by God (Romans 8:5)

Lessons learned:

I did not begin my police career with the Lord guiding me.  I did not start a “Bible Based” relationship with a woman, who later became my wife.  We did not begin our journey as a (Church Couple).  We did not pray together, and we didn’t have church friends that we spent time with.  Prior to the birth of our son, we did not make important decisions, about raising him in a church environment.  And, when our marriage was in trouble, I didn’t take the lead, seeking out help from  Christian counselors, and their church staff.

Today, as a true follower of the Lord, my life has come full circle.  I’m now retired, but had a great police career of almost 30 years.  My former wife and I, are very good friends.  We help our son (age 33), with many issues.  We  love him very much.  I’m thankful, that time has healed my heart of anger, from a marriage that fell apart.  About 8 years ago, our son gave his heart to the Lord and that day I will never forget!  It’s been a joy to see him, with the desire to seek the Lord, and read Bible verses.

I’ve been a member of Eastlake Church in Chula Vista for several years, and they have become my family.  I belong to a men’s group and been active since 2003.  We pray together, pray for each other, and discuss important issues.

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