DCL Ministries and POTN Sunday Devotional, focuses on the Real Life Superhero…

The fourth Sunday of every month DCL Ministries teams up with the online magazine titled, Putting On The New, with creator and mixed media artist Cherie Burbach. In the times we are living in now we mustn’t fear change, especially change which sheds toxic behaviors, negative thinking and bad influences in our lives. Putting On The New magazine speaks of leaving behind the things which can often stop one from choosing to take hold of their new identity and embracing their new life, in union, with Christ. Change can be difficult, but when I think of the benefits of allowing Jesus into my heart all I can do is bow my head and be thankful! He is my friend, my confidante, my Savior!

Now, as many of you know, I have a love of movies, movies, and more movies. And,  whether it is for entertainment or simply discovering a life lesson, you can often find me curling up and tuning in as often as I can. I couldn’t help but focus this Sunday Devotional on  the marvelous, marvel comic book characters. Enjoy this article, as I celebrate the superhero in my life…

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These days many lovers of comic book figures rush to the movies in order to frequent yet another Superman or Spiderman sequel, Iron-man or X-men sequel, Wolverine or the most recently eye-popping and box-office drawing Wonder Woman–soon to be a sequel. As I’ve observed these movies I noticed how we’re initially introduced to what seems to be ordinary human beings, but just as one gets used to the ordinary we discover that it’s only with a new set of eyes that one could get close enough to experience and embrace these superhero’s doing what they do best; the extraordinary. The Wolverine character has been a past favorite, because he is a hybrid; half man and half wolf fused together encased in flesh. In the movie theater people were not really drawn to the frailties, loss of memory or fear in Wolverine. Why? Because they were simply waiting for those sword life extensions to come out of his hands when scared or needing to defend himself. It didn’t seem to matter that he lived with heartache, abandonment, betrayal, confusion and loneliness while desperately hoping to find his place in an already divided world. It didn’t matter that Wolverine had to dodge the many seeking to experiment, exploit or reject his unique half-breed status only to be left walking the earth in solitude trying to figure it all out alone. The world doesn’t always understand nor embrace those which are in contrast to itself.

As a Christian, I quickly thought of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he too was different and he too was not embraced. Scripture says,”The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory the glory of the One and only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14-16). Church, we have seen Christ’s glory and thanks to the witnesses willing to spread the Gospel we continue to experience and live out His glory everyday  when personally uncovering just how extraordinary He really is for ourselves in the Word of God. Unlike Wolverine or any other Marvel character, Jesus being encased in flesh never compromised his capability of also being fully divine meaning, Jesus is 100% human and 100% divine. How is that for superhero status? With a new set of eyes we must see that God becoming a man displays His divinity more than His humanity. For when one knows that God is infinite in relation to time and space, incorporeal, alive, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and immutable. When one can finally grasp that God is also love, truth, benevolence, justice and righteousness; mercy and grace needing nothing outside himself to exist, we can then admit that it’s a miracle that God chose to squeeze all of that into the frame of a little baby. It is in this act alone that one can truly witness the extraordinary work of our Savior and not just the ordinary in our Savior.

And lastly, God might have walked the earth many times alone, but He will never leave you alone, because He has sent the comforter, sealer, illuminator and Counselor called the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Truth) to be with us forever. I know many love the Marvel comic book characters seen in all the Hollywood blockbuster  movies, but Jesus is a real life superhero who chose to come from behind the lights, camera and action of the BIG screen in order to form an up close and personal relationship with not just some, but with all the world. Jesus who intercedes for mankind continues to do so, to God–as God!

Therefore, I marvel at what Jesus has done in order to reconcile God to His creation. In many ways, to those not ready to hear the truth, he is still the hidden Clark Kent, but to those willing to see Him with a new set of  spiritual eyes they will discover that He is more than even the amazing SUPERMAN.

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