Dovetales Interviews Mother and Author Rebecca Morgan

God always comes to where you’re at in your life. Did you know that? Many times people believe that God doesn’t care about the details of our life, but this is incorrect. The Bible says the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. Yes, Jesus incarnate came to hear the concerns of humanity in order to tell them to God–as GOD! So, Dovetales is back this Sunday, September 24, 2017 to interview the wife, mother, and author of “Mummy, I love your hair” the beautiful seeking servant of Jesus —Rebecca Morgan. Many women and men seem to struggle with embracing themselves. we often desire what we do not have, but Alana( daughter of Rebecca Morgan) has found how unique and beautiful she is by first embracing her HAIR. How many times have you compared your hair texture, color, length, and strand count to another person, only to become an adult who has never embraced their hair or themselves in order to feel beautiful and worthy. God says a child will lead us so, join me as we learn how Alana embraces her mother’s hair while learning to embrace and love her own. Don’t miss it!!!

The Adventures of Alana Morgan is a book series based on her 6 years old daughter Alana. As of 2011, Alana has said , “yes” to this beautiful journey with God. Rebecca prays children alike will be able to relate to Alana and enjoy the adventures she goes on, as she navigates through stories pertinent to growing up. 


R. A. Morgan (Rebecca Morgan) was  born in the UK in 1978 and enjoys traveling with her family.  She is married with 3 children, and currently lives in Shanghai with 2 of her children.

Rebecca is a Christian and enjoys helping people. Her long term aim is to have her books available in library’s and schools across the globe.

Being saved in 2011 and waiting almost 3 years before getting baptised, Rebecca became a fully fledged Christian in early 2014. This made Rebecca realise God had always been with her since she was a child, guiding her to the point where she and her husband, her then boyfriend at the time, got baptised together in front of their children.

When Rebecca joined her first church, God started to show her how real He was. For the first two years of learning from blessed teachers, God walked her through a Journey of being married, moving abroad,  her younger son making a decision to give his life to God and writing her first children book.
God placed her at the right place at the right time to meet the right people to help Rebecca to where she is today.
To tune into the show this Sunday, September 24, 2017 2:30-3:30 pm eastern time go to
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