Featured Ministry of the Month, Photographer Scott Chase Burkett , Where Intimacy Meets Minimalism…

DCL Ministries loves diversity, uniqueness, expression through various ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities. That is why this month we have teamed up with the extraordinary Scott “Chase” Burkett, owner of Burkett Photography. It is this man who can be  seen nationally and internationally chasing after his dreams, while helping others achieve theirs through the glorious world of photography. Personally, the experience I’ve had while working with Chase has been exceptional. He maximizes every moment spent in the studio as one hears him snapping away, full of confidence, when seeking to capture “the best shot!”  Chase glides around his studio preparing the space, lighting and angles with such professionalism and charm. It is truly an artist eye this young Picasso (my nickname) has while perfecting his craft. Contrary to popular belief, in this competitive business, there is much fanning to become a bright flame when pursuing to master the art of photography. Well,  Chase Burkett my friends is a force to be reckoned with…


DCL Ministries delights in featuring this up and coming photographer who possesses beautiful vision and versatility as he commands the camera while instructing his clients. So, join me as I celebrate this talented man of God, for the month of September, on our very own Writer’s Corner!


Known for his use of color and unique perspective, the essence of Scott Burkett’s style can be categorized as a blend of intimacy which meets minimalism. His work is deeply rooted in the value of engaging his audience with creating exciting & compelling images.

Scott (sometimes referred by his nickname “Chase” due to being ambitious and driven), received his BFA in photography from Penn State University. Since graduating, he has been featured in Photographic Magazine and Full Cover MDS Group Magazine. While based in Philadelphia, Scott also enjoys traveling to LA, Miami, and New York to expand his portfolio as a portrait photographer for companies, musicians, models, athletes and couples.

“What the world has to offer…
… is far greater than society’s ability to capture it.”

      ~ Scott Burkett


To learn more or retain the services of Burkett Photography click here. Enjoy…

DCL Ministires

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