Praying For The Many In Texas…

The devastation in Texas is just so hard to watch and not DO SOMETHING. So, how beautiful is has been to witness thousands looking around their homes to see what they could donate to the many in need. It is awesome to see celebrities band together and match ( or exceed) one another’s gifts of contribution to the suffering and homeless in Texas.  It is this type of compassion that one can find hope, even in the darkest circumstances. A new beginning is surely coming and though the old is gone we the people can bridge the gap filled with pain and disbelief with love, generosity and compassion.

But, I had to stop and think of the millions who don’t have things to give or are struggling themselves and don’t have money to offer even though they desire to. Did you know taking the time to pray for the people who lost their homes is equally good? God knows all of our circumstances and prayers along with a heart that is really focused and committed to helping others can indeed move mountains.

DCL Ministries wants to encourage anyone and everyone that there are many ways to give. Let’s keep unifying and blessing others the best way we can. Take care of one another my friends. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.

DCL Ministries

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