Dovetales Interviews Speculative Christian Fiction Author, Lynnette Roman

Dovetales is back this Sunday September 10, 2017. The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time with the lovely, creative and wise author Lynnette Roman. Life can most certainly be a maze. Many times we don’t know which way to go, who to trust and what to believe. Therefore, this world will throw, what often seems to be curve balls, but if we allow Jesus to govern our ways and fill our hearts than we will surely discover that He is (has) always been guiding, always protecting and always equipping if seeking His counsel. Lynette Roman understands the beauty and love of God, but she also understands the many forms of God, because Sometimes it might not be this time a season of understanding, but perhaps a season of trusting instead. Join us this Sunday as I unpack the author of The Ruby Eyed Devil, Awaken The Silver Tail & Nine Nights of Fogh.

Lynnette Roman, grew up in Detroit, Michigan with five other siblings. She graduated from Heart Academy High School where she acquired her Nursing Assistance license. It is after a cancer diagnosis, four surgeries, blood clots and chemotherapy that she can truly say that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of her life. She has always known, but it was through her experiences that God proved to her that  her very breathe was always in His hands.

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