Dovetales Interviews Author, Entrepreneur,and Television Host Elvira Guzman

So many of my guests understand the power of a story, more specifically, their story. Their micro gospel folded into God’s larger macro Gospel revealing the power and magnanimous strength of our Lord and Savior’s mighty hand. Many love having an extraordinary testimony, but those that actually do, know about the bitterness and moments where one is acquainted with grief and sorrow, while on their guaranteed victorious ending when being led by God. My next guest author, and entrepreneur Elvira Guzman joins us this Sunday, August 13, 2017 as a woman who’s survived several obstacles in her life. This Southern California native, began life with parents who were incarcerated when she was just 14. Sadly, she was forced to make it on her own until graduating from USC. Today, after working with Steve Harvey (wearing many hats) including PR & Branding Director she branched out and now owns one of the fastest growing PR & Branding companies in Hollywood, CA. Featured in Latina’s Magazine as one of “The Future 15 Latino Entrepreneurs” it is clear the sweet isn’t as sweet, without the bitter. But, her joy truly comes to life when she speaks at juvenile halls, at risk high schools, University’s and organizations geared towards teens going through a hard time in life.This extraordinary woman of God is on the move and Dovetales has the story. The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time. Don’t miss it!

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