Writer’s Corner Featured Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author Darlene Hunter (8/17)

DCL Ministries loves highlighting ministries who seek to inspire, empower and drive others when moving forward in their life. We first encountered Darlene Hunter as a special guest on Dovetales, our Christian weekly radio show where guest unveil all they have endured with Christ, while navigating the many obstacles in this world. Our ears were teased and our hearts were warmed as Darlene Hunter invited our listeners into her journey, struggles and triumphs in order to show the hurting that they can also do anything when focused on the One who strengthens them.  It is for the month of August that we are delighted to once again be encouraged and educated by this extraordinary woman– the author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Darlene Hunter.


Join us as we learn how to be God’s hands and feet when walking out the Great Commission. To tune into Darlene’s riveting testimony  on Dovetales with Deborah, please click here.

In the meantime, please help me celebrate Darlene Hunter as we highlight all she is doing and all she will continue to achieve for God’s glory.


A Note from Darlene Hunter

Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC was formed in 2011 as a privately-owned company for the purpose of empowering people to go further and be better. All of our services have been designed to help people move forward in their life, accomplish their goals and to reach their highest potential.​
Darlene Hunter and Associates, LLC provides speakers and trainers that will motivate, inspire, educate, equip and empower individuals, companies and organizations. We strive to make life changing differences in the lives of our attendees.
We provide Corporate Trainers, Motivational Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Business Speakers, Masters of Ceremonies, Keynote Speakers, Award Host and Conference Facilitators. Our Soft Skills workshops, lectures, and training sessions develop leaders, students and associates.
In the business content we deliver over 100 Soft Skills Training Workshops. We communicate company strategies with clarity and excitement in a manner that will help employees see the future in a positive light. We inspire team members to work together, we build stronger work relationships and we help individuals become more productive.
In schools, we work with both students and teachers motivating and inspiring them to push harder with a common theme of “Never Giving Up.” We also deliver over 100 Soft Skills Training Workshops.
​Our Inspirational Speakers provide “warm, encouraging messages, based on stories of overcoming great obstacles and perseverance.


Our Mission is to deliver humanistic, caring and thoughtful well developed people solutions that improve the value of our clients daily life and provides holistic inspiration that leads others to a healthier mental, emotional and physical state. We consistently provide superior options to those who are prepared to serve themselves better opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We encourage and guide you to a firm understanding that you are always able to make great decisions to be a leader of self, leader of others or a leader of leaders.

Our Vision is to set the standard in providing thoughtful, passionate and deliberate insight, training and coaching that is focused on touching and impacting lives throughout the world by helping people align with their passion and live their purpose.
Our breadth of life experiences and dedication to positive solutions and outcomes provides our clients with enormous opportunities to go beyond what and who they are today and relish in the fact that they can become much more tomorrow!
Our Why​ is to make an impact in the lives of others by giving back to the cities in which we serve. We will offer Soft Skills training workshops at no cost to the under privileged and under served populations.
Through the sponsorship and partnership with businesses and organizations, we strive to offer these workshops once a quarter in the cities of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Richmond and Orlando.
To learn more, training’s, workshops and events with Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC click here.
DCL Ministries

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