BEAUTY FROM THE ASHES interviews Deborah Lassiter, Finding Hope After Divorce…

Story is one of the most healing tools in God’s Kingdom…

“To all who mourn…He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.” (Isaiah 61:3)

Why would the Lord fill the Bible with stories and not just rules? Why do you think Jesus taught in parables?

Because God knows this is the most effective way to teach us to put our hope in Him! When we hear the testimonies of our fellow sisters in Christ, we learn more about the heart and power of the Lord.

We NEED each others’ stories.


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Guests include leaders in publishing, speaking, ministry and business.

I’m your host, Ginny Priz (Certified Christian Life Coach & Speaker). God blessed me by creating me with a right arm that only extends just below the elbow. My prosthetic keeps me “armed” for anything.

I’m also a survivor of trials that left me in ashes. My identity as “the good girl” was torched in 2011 when my codependency and reliance on alcohol earned me a conviction for “Driving Under the Influence.”

I would have stayed in that shameful, despairing head-space if it weren’t for the stories of other men and women who’d been there, leaned on God, and came out STRONGER for it!

I’m an author, coach, and Christian television talk show host on Bloom Today, which airs on CTN and Inspiration TV (INI) in over 150 countries.

My desire, and the desire of these 10 contributors, is to share hope and healing with you. Whether you are under fire or seeking to understand another’s pain, this is where HOPE starts – with testimonies of those who have been there and thrived!

Airing Monday, August 14, 2017 Deborah Lassiter, the author of Beyond the Face of the Movies, resides in the Pennsylvania area and is the founder of DCL Ministries. Currently, she enjoys studying God’s word at Lancaster Bible College, pursuing a degree in Science & Biblical Studies (minor in Communications). You can find her most days writing on her blog and engaging with her listeners on her weekly radio show called Dovetales- affiliated with PJC Media Network.

Through various guests, Deborah finds delight when they reveal what the Holy Spirit has done in and through their lives. It is while hosting this program that she has an opportunity to encourage many towards a personal relationship with the Godhead. A relationship that is for everyone: all nationalities, all races, all ages, and all backgrounds. Deborah also look’s forward to her second book, The Women God Used, coming out later this year.

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Enjoy this series of God Stories, my story and yours…

DCL Ministries

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