Dovetales interviews Author and Creator of IAMURVOICE Campaign Joyce Reed

Dovetales is so excited to be back with you this Sunday, August 6, 2017 as we dazzle you with the founder of Hurt 2 Heal Inc., author of “Speechless No More” and “Hurt Used To Live Here.” This woman of God has spearheaded the #iamurvoice movement–a movement which allows men and women the opportunity to speak their truth and not be ashamed about their past struggles. I am speaking of the courageous, bold fighter, believer and mother Joyce Reed. Join us as I unpack the lovely Dovetale of one who understands the power of the human voice while us listeners discover how she found “her voice” in order to ignite the masses to discover theirs. Joyce Reed believes everyone has a story, but not everyone has the courage to speak about that story. Don’t miss it.

To listen in at 2:30 pm eastern time go to

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