He Has Risen…

How beautiful it must have been when Mary Magdelene realized it was Jesus who she encountered on the road after he had risen. Mary was the first to speak to the risen Christ, but she only discovered it when he said her name…”Mary…”

I wonder how many people have been talking to Jesus in their journey and yet do not know it. How many of us encounter a traveler on the road called life, have come face to face with the anwer to our prayers, but don’t recognize the one speaking to us.

I pray this Easter we don’t just check in with God, because it is a holiday, but we diligently seek to open our eyes everyday knowing in our hearts that Jesus has risen and is indeed alive. Open your eyes and receive the glory of the Lord which has always been available for you. I pray you hear God calling your name, much like Mary did, and answer to the call on your life.

Happy Easter

DCL Ministries

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