Writer’s Corner Ministry of the Month, Author Cathryn Buse ( 4/17)

DCL Ministries is all about encouraging all people to a better life, by adding better tools to your toolbox. For the many who have found themselves in their Christian walk unsure of how to defend their faith, we wanted to feature the wonderful woman of God author of Teaching others to Defend Christianity: What Every Christian Should Know, by Cathryn S. Buse.  Please join me as we highlight Cathryn  as she educates others who have struggled with what to say and how to defend what they know to be true, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.So,  let me please introduce to you our very own, Cathryn S. Buse, featured ministry for the month of April on our Writer’s Corner.

Cathryn Buse became a Christian at a young age but when she went to school to become an engineer, her faith was challenged on a different level than what she was prepared to face. Through her schooling and the engineering career that followed at the Department of Defense and NASA, she encountered skepticism for religion in general and Christianity in particular. Those challenges led Cathryn to pursue a way to bring thinking minds into faith in Jesus by affirming God’s existence and explaining the truths of Christianity. Her passion led her to begin teaching the youth at her church but God brought in opportunities to grow those classes to include adults across her community from all churches and denominations. God opened the door for her to publish her work in the book, Teaching Others to Defend Christianity, so that others could share how Christianity is based on a solid foundation of truth.


I think God was preparing me for this ministry for a long time. I include this story in my book but it kind of started back when I was in 5th grade. Our teacher gave us an assignment to draw a picture of the Big Bang. Of course, being a Christian and raised in a Christian house, I didn’t believe in the Big Bang. So my dad had me draw a picture of the earth and write Genesis 1:1 underneath it and turn that in as my homework assignment. That moment showed me how to respectfully disagree with the secularism presented by the world and stand up for Biblical truth. I had more experience doing that in high school when my freshman biology teacher spent several weeks teaching us about evolution. I looked around the room and saw many friends that I knew were Christians who should have believed “God created” according to Genesis – yet no one was speaking up. And then I looked at all my friends who were NOT Christians and did NOT go to church. This was the only option presented to them about how we came to be.

So, I saw the need to speak up for the Bible, in a respectful way, by showing the flaws in the theory of evolution and how it can’t possibly explain everything about our existence. There is a better theory: that God created. Once I got to college, I encountered those alternate worldviews on a much more regular basis from friends. All they had been taught was that evolution explained everything, God doesn’t exist, and only people who need a crutch to get through life are religious. It made me take a step back to assess how did I really know that what I believed was real and more importantly, how do I explain that to them. Mostly my initial conversations with them were incredibly frustrating and I found myself getting angry instead of listening and witnessing in love. And it was because I didn’t have answers for them even though I knew what I believed was true. So as I started to research and grow in my confidence in my faith I could carry on conversations and engage in those discussions with less anger, less fear, and less frustration. But then the questions continued to grow – how did I know the Bible was real? Why is Christianity the only way to heaven? How do you even know there is life after death? I mostly encountered evolutionists and atheists, a few that would call themselves agnostics, but it was through those relationships that I saw the importance of recognizing that God exists and that it truly is the Christian God. Because those folks needed to know that before they could understand the importance of repenting for their sins. I couldn’t say Jesus died for their sins to be reconciled to God if they didn’t believe God existed, didn’t think Jesus was real, didn’t think there was such thing as sin, and didn’t think anything happened after death. Those are a lot of walls built up that maybe the Holy Spirit can use logic and reasoning to break down for someone.

Also, Cathryn will be back with us, as a special guest on our Christian radio show, Dovetales Sunday, April 30 at 2:30 pm eastern. Listen in as she illuminates God’s word while speaking in detail about her book. If you want to tune into Part 1 of her interview, click here.

To learn more about Cathryn Buse  or for speaking engagements, contact her directly.

Author of Teaching Others to Defend Christianity
DCL Ministries

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