Sunday Devotional with Putting On the New- “What is Church to You?”

Every month DCL Ministries teams up with Cherie Burbach, creative mind behind Putting on the New online daily devotional magazine geared to encourage, uplift, and communicate with every day people about everyday life. DCL Ministries is all about encouraging and empowering all people to a better way of thinking, living, and believing.

Enjoy this article titled, “What is Church to You?”

This brings me to an experience I had as I attended a very small church in Orlando, Florida several years ago. I have always been open to any size church; my only condition was that I needed to feel moved in my heart through the Word of God, I needed my spiritual food. As I sat in the homemade pews, gazed at the shabby tables, the rickety stands, and listened to the feedback from the microphone I realized later I neither saw nor heard any of those shortcomings, because this church was preaching the Word of God which blew my head back and as a result, I was on fire in my spirit. As the two-person praise team sang their hearts out I felt an overwhelming need to cry and as the Holy Spirit bounced off of one person after another, I heard someone speaking in tongues and another began to interpret those tongues.

There was singing with gaps of silence just so Holy Spirit could move freely without hindrance. In the silence, a woman began to prophecy.  The pastor sang out loud and all people were comforting their neighbor in some way shape or form, some embracing one another and others praying with one another. I remember that I didn’t have much money on me, but what I did have I was holding onto for meals. I gave all of it, because what I had taken part of was so much greater, bolder, and more fulfilling. I was eating already and my spirit was fully fed so, it seemed trivial to hold onto it. I had the electric shock of Holy Spirit pulsing in my body, with praise on my lips, and music in my feet. I was in awe of what I was hearing, seeing, and feeling.  I was floating, crying, singing and euphorically happy.

The pastor who was a recovering alcoholic belted out a sermon wrapped, nestled, and rooted in scripture and it was delivered with the conviction and humility of the overcoming victorious presence of the Holy Spirit. I rose to my feet screaming Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! This church was not big, glamorous or popular, but it was like Campbell’s Soup…mmm, mmm, good. I contemplated moving to Florida just to become a member there–I was that moved. So, in my experience, finding a church which feeds your spirit varies in he heart of everyone. I am not suggesting you seek out the most rundown church you can find, but I do suggest you find one that has a pastor who is filled with the Holy Spirit, anointed, and teaching the “sound doctrine” of Jesus. The 3000 in the book of acts ( Acts 2:42-47) were positively overwhelmed by the movement of the Holy Spirit after their heart was deeply pierced by Peter teaching the Word of God, on the day of Pentecost. My advice to all seekers is to commit to taking part in the greatest story ever told, by actually hearing the greatest story ever told and I promise you that you’ll see miraculous signs, experience great wonders, and be capable of great things, in Jesus name.

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