Sometimes it is hard to gauge whether you are doing well in life, or not. Like bubbles in the air, sometimes you see progress directly in front of you, but as quickly as it comes is as quickly as it goes. I am learning that perhaps the bubbles are there as a sign letting you to know it is time to stop, smile, have fun and enjoy the moments given to you to simply take a break and play. Not everything needs to be serious, structured, managed, on-point, or on time. Remember, the world has its timing, but God has His.

If you are one who believes in God, than you also know that Holy Spirit is always ordering your environment. So, know when things seem to go wrong or you’re not sure if it all makes sense, rest assured that it makes sense to God the One who directs your footsteps.  Enjoy the day ahead of you or rest in what is behind you. Peace my friends …

DCL Ministries

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